Magic bath and bath rituals

Our ancestors regularly visited bath. It was not just a relaxation area, and was the site of the sacred and mystical.


Slavs believed that, properly take a steam bath and correctly perform certain ritual actions, you can get not only the courage, the charge of the forces, but also the healing of soul and body.

This place has long been one of the most important landmarks symbolizing the path of life, symbolized the beginning of some internal cycles of life. In the bath, carefully steamed before important events, and they felt the danger.
Bath was the traditional place where to send the bride, before going down the aisle, but that still is very interesting — a place for the birth of a child.

If you look at a bath in terms of the magician, we can see how its very unique phenomenon in human life. Bath has a chance of not even particularly versed in magic man seek help from primary elements. After all, in essence Bath — the connection of four elements. There is the element of Water, Air, Fire. But elements of the earth manifested in stone, wood and the very basis of the premises.

Once in the bath, we are in a magical space that is able to change ourselves and our lives. If you go there with the right attitude and conduct themselves in accordance with the rules of magic, the consequences can be felt inside the body by a huge element of our space, and even feel a kind of rebirth, at all levels of physical and mental perception.


In ancient Slavic mythology for bath isolated single deity, called him respectfully — bath. Only some time later, with the arrival of the new faith and the transformation of the ancient traditions of the deity to simplify some of the essential spirit, but its importance and the power stayed the same.

Swab like a brownie, a house was considered a master of the home space, so Bannik responsible for the bath space. Take it to the category of good or evil spirits difficult because, like the situation with the houses, everything depends on whether the relationship went wrong with the bath.

Studying folk tales of the sauna spirit can meet a variety of stories. In the right shows how good Bannik helping kids and family, owners of the house of healing diseases. But there is a story, which states that Bannik who was offended by the bad behavior of the hosts and angry, was capable of brutal revenge and even on to harm humans. Moreover, if the offending Bannik he can avenge dodgy, for example — steamed up zadyshka terrible person in the bath, and no one will know who the bad deed.

With the swab be trifled with, but without it you can not. Without this spirit Bath lifeless be, and who but Bannik able to drive away every evil power of the room. So Bannik still need to have a new bath and try not to hurt him.

Inviting swab

What you need to in the bath appeared Bannik? Ancient beliefs tell us that if the bath at least once visited a woman in labor and gave birth to the child and the appearance of your bath bathhouse spirit guaranteed. But since at the present time, you see, is much safer to give birth in the hospital, under the supervision of medical staff, talk about alternatives.

Zazvat Bannik can and themselves. If invites a young family, it would be ideal if they revive the sleeping bath with its energy. To cause a surge of energy forces that must be addressed in a bath of love comfort. That's right!

Getting ready for a new bath should bring donations — generous gifts to the bath. As a large number of gifts suitable kvass (preferably in a large wooden jug), and black bread, thickly sprinkled with salt. Bread was left as an offering to Bannik (similar to how we make sweet treats to appease the spirit of the home houses). Kvas poured walls bath.

To zazvat Bannik, bringing gifts should say these magic words:

Call here the master bath, I call here Bannik kind,

'll happily peacefully here, bathhouse our guard!

So accomplished!

In the future, you should periodically zadobryat Bannik gifts, that he was not angry, did not take offense and helped the hosts. Going to the bath, you can each time to take a piece of black rye bread with salt, repeated periodically dousing walls kvas.

Entering the room, it is advisable to ask Bannik permission.

He is very happy when the owners monitor the cleanliness of bath, behave peacefully, with no disputes and evil showdown.

Too much heat in the sauna bath is not the spirit of love, and yet he does not like when people are in a hurry to complete the procedure as quickly as possible washing. Swab approves when owners use while bathing herbs, all sorts of herbal infusions. If the swab fancy, he himself begins to help keep clean bathhouse, and couples better to do, and the owners of energy and health adds.

Steam bath, steam-bath left, whisk fresh for him personally and bannuyu tub (vessel with clean water). They say, and his sweat in their home needs.

Also of additional rules for frets with swab to remember that most go to the bath is undesirable. And at night after the sun without any particular need to appear there do not.

Swab trying to benefit your health and life, fending off the forces of evil are new yourself can help him in this difficult matter. Sit around the bath as many nettles, making special emphasis on the space near the door. Magical properties of nettles — clean and protect against intrusion of evil forces. Ryasno densely planted at the door bath nettles, you are will render all possible assistance to swab as impure forces will be difficult to overcome this obstacle.

By the way, leaving the bath as folk from the church goes — that is backwards not to offend disrespect master bath.

Just in case, let's say that if you accidentally break a rule which bath and angry Bannik, people say that then need to look for salvation, ran out of the bath to the house and other close okliknuv spirits brownie (spirit house) and ovinnika (spirit barn). Since the barn is not even near each private house now is, to call homes to rescued and saved.

How does the Bathhouse Spirit

Swab usually tried to stay invisible to the human eye. Nevertheless, he does not particularly care about quietness of his behavior. It can be heard — especially at night, when the spirit of assorted bunch of new neoshparennyh brooms, which were kept in the bath, or just resting, sitting on a shelf near the ceiling, and muttering some of his tunes.

Rarely Bannik and could appear, if it became necessary. Sometimes people called themselves Bannik during magic acts in the bath. Coming, it was often a bit like a brownie. Appeared in the guise of a small grandfather, sometimes without clothes or sometimes plastered with leaves of oak birch yes bathhouse switches. Dedok had long gray hair and beard. It was said that the eyes of the bath Dedkov unusual — a very large and bright, but not natural-colored. In some regions, say Bannik may come as a huge, shaggy black entity silhouette napiminaya something man.

Banko soaring — GIVE HEALTH

To improve health and strengthen health, in the bath could utter these words:

Sauna provides health when hovering, let Bath vaporize disease and my health to get better,

will drive away tiredness and heaviness in the body.

Let svershatsya these words in action! So accomplished!

Warm up, just when bathed with water after the bath-house, to heighten the effect on the water three times slander spell ::

Let me release the water from all the mud body

and all the mud psychic! So accomplished!

Healing brooms

It is necessary to mention how to make brooms and spell as well — for what they can be used in magic rituals bath.

"Break", that is to create brooms, followed at full moon, in an odd day. Broom is usually made of birch or oak, but here too there are rules. Birch twigs could not take with birch, who grew up in two trunks from one root. You also can not use the branches of the tree, which has undergone a fire or do not look very good.
Residents of some of the Slavic regions told that when you go to a branch for a new bathhouse switches, you need to take the dog. If the dog reacts calmly, when you do the work on preparation of a broom, it will serve for good, and if the dog is barking loudly and nervous, the broom can, conversely, affect health.


Birch twigs especially appreciated the fair sex, because birch — tree female. According to legend, she helped to establish an understanding with her husband, to drive off a quarrel, to revive love, have children, to encourage harmony and peace in the family. This special birch broom in a special way and prepared. We had to go over to the seven branches of birch trees. It is desirable that they grew up near the river, a little bent to Vodice their trunks. Already in the process of binding "semiberezovyh" branches in one bath broom should have said these words:

Birch, wood strength of women's, girls' share of the tree,

you bent to the water, so let it be … (I or wife's name) and … (husband's name) to each other with love stretched!

The word is not to kill! So be it! So accomplished!

Besides a love magic, birch broom well helps fight stress, recover from heavy loads. It perfectly cleanses the skin. In addition, birch broom recommend that people who experience pain in the muscles and joints.


Oak broom always been claimed by men. It's not just that the oak — a male tree strength. It was thought that a broom made of oak can recover the strong sex potency, give him the strength and endurance for the amorous exploits.
In the magical bath rituals new oak broom can be used to protect themselves from the attacks of enemies. If you can not make peace with your enemy or enemies, feel aggression towards you, spend the next ceremony.

Broom hit yourself twelve times over the shoulders. In the process each time uttered such magic words (ie only spell is repeated 12 times):

Oak, symbol of labor force

oak, a symbol of male power,

Your essence is powerful,

your deep roots and branches are your strong.

Let strong and I'll be in front of their enemies,

I'll let them protected from their wiles and attacks!

The word is not to kill! So be it! So accomplished!

In addition, the use of oak twigs recommended for general strengthening and healing the body. Very good broom made of oak for those with oily skin.

BATH FOR MAGIC attractive and sexy

Next ritual bath will help the weaker sex look more beautiful and feel more confident and better.

Need a day-Mother Goddess Mokos (Friday) in the morning to go to the bath.

Bathhouse should prepare aromatic: the stones drizzle on a tiny drop of aromatic oil of rose (Rosa classically used with the addition of little bit of honey, now you can pour a little to enhance the effect of aromatic oils of patchouli and ylang-ylang).

Leave all the worries and problems at the threshold of the bath. Upon entering the room, and say the word (it is desirable to learn them by heart before I go to administer the ritual bath):

Makos-Mother, molvlyu to you, ask for support.

-Bath, master bath, you help please,

Help me with all the filth of the body get rid of,

help me to the beauty and charm to his call!

Suppose I become prettier and sweeter

let the sight of a pretty me

each miluetsya me happy and dobreet!

Me for good or for the beauty!

Let is decided as I command!

So accomplished!

When you're sweating, feel like divine power over your body produce magical rabotu.Napolnyaytes wondrous power of beauty and charm.

"Bathhouse dimes" for good luck in trade and business

The magic of "bath dimes" is directly related to the bath spirit — "swab". Shopping folk and merchants knew that if good relations with swab can beg his blessing for good luck in matters of money. For this we leave for the night in the bath coin, which should be well on top sprinkled with salt. Leave a nickel "salted" with these words:

-Bath, master bath,

salt in a sign of my respect for you accept,

a penny for good luck this conspiracy and bring back to me!

For good, the joy, for prosperity! So accomplished!

Came at dawn to collect coins. If salt on it all melted, it was a good sign. But if the salt has remained, so did not want to help you bath.

Bath ritual for financial stability

This rite has its difficulties, you need to carefully study it and memorize the memory address to the bath. But if you do it correctly can commit, then such actions will call upon Me stable luck in money matters.
The ritual is performed on the growing moon. It is recommended to put on natural linen garments. They must have two pockets: left and right. Left pocket maximum fill grain (wheat is best), and the right throw three handfuls boyaryshnikovyh fruit. Do? Then immediately go to the bath. It should light a candle made of natural wax and keep it in his right hand. At the same time the left hand over your left shoulder throw grains of wheat. During this process, say the following words:

Swab, Bannik, Bannik, take a grain of wheat.

Swab, Bannik, Bannik, red wine you give.

And you, the master bath, a good life we devices,

to grief we did not know that I want to receive!

Swab, Bannik, Bannik, delicious cake you ladies

and you, master bath, help to live happily,

to foods in the house were so delicious pies,

able to receive the coveted but always remain in abundance!

From now and forever!
When finished the first part of the words to say, bring a candle from his right hand to his left.

Now the right hand three times over his right shoulder throw three handfuls of hawthorn fruit. During this process, the following utter the magic words:

Swab, Bannik, Bannik, take hawthorn fruit.

Swab, Bannik, Bannik, you lush table cover,

and you, master bath, a good life we devices,

to grief we did not know that I want to receive!

Swab, Bannik, Bannik, you delicious carrot and Medcom ladies

and you, master bath, help to live happily,

to foods in the house were so delicious pies,

able to receive the coveted but always remain in abundance!

From now and forever!

So accomplished! So accomplished! So accomplished!

Candle set on the floor bath, right in the center, and wait until it is completely burnt out. Then immediately go and do not look back.

Three nights you have to come to the bath again. In the eastern part of the room, leave a glass of red wine.

Say with new words:

-Bath, master bath, treat these things take, know his work,

prosperity and happiness of our guard,

good and multiply our profits!

After three nights in the eastern part of the same bath room should be left screen (must be new), generously filled with fresh catch cakes, also keep a jar of honey (the main condition — not closed, no cover). Say in this case, referring to the swab, the following words:

-Bath, master bath,

Here's a sweet treat display, take,

and our house and our family prosperity and wealth come on!

On happiness, prosperity, good!

Let there be eternal peace between us!

From now and forever! So accomplished! So accomplished! So accomplished!

If you get along with the swab, you can get a lot of help and support, through which your life will be in abundance, and joy.

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