Magic jewelry

Each of the daughters of Eve wants to be a bit of a witch, even in small things. For example, say that semi-precious stones have magical properties. There are a number of stones, especially important for the fair sex. How to choose jewelry to magic, planted in them work?

Pristine lunar rocks

Do you remember your childhood, the sweet feeling that encompasses you when you open the box of my mother's jewelry? Remeasure all beads and brooches in the most fantastic combinations, wear rings even on toes and all the bracelets on his hands! Heck, just go through all these shiny, sparks things — what it was a delight …

Something like this woman has to showcase jewelry store. Want something, and this, and yet there is! Jewelry stone … Heart faint, purse already in hand, and how to choose what to wear, not to hurt themselves and others, to combine beauty, harmony and health?

Let's start with the basics. In the old days (and up to the end of the XIX century), it was thought that young girls before marriage properly wearing only silver jewelry and freshwater pearls. Sometimes, in exceptional cases, on the occasion of the big celebration is allowed rhinestone. Gold and iridescent gems intended for older or married women. Such were the notions of good tone. With the magical point of view it is justified: any mineral other than pearls, may adversely affect the formation of a purely female organs, cause problems with reproduction, have a negative impact on the formation of the character of women. With pearls, set in silver, this will never happen.

Tears of the nymphs called pearls poets. But to be accurate, the pearl — it "tears" clams. Offends their delicate body grains form in the half shell, pearls this beautiful stone. Astrologically pearls associated with the moon. He is very feminine in nature. Vulnerable. Unfortunately, pearls quickly aging, becomes dull, loses its amazing game. It fades and when it bears ill. To pearls longer retain its luster, it should be worn so that it is in contact with the warm skin of the owner. From long lying in the casket he too dim.

As a talisman pearl has an impact only on the female sex. Unmarried girls he dictates a prudent behavior, modesty prevents improper behavior. Promotes the development of women's qualities of character — dreamy, soft, yielding, discretion. Pearl attracts decent men, helps to build a harmonious relationship between loving, well-married. Chastity devoid of bigotry — is the motto of this stone.

In medieval times, pearls were used as an indicator of poisons. There were also beauty recipes using pearls. Thus, to improve the condition of skin, hair, nails recommended for a month to take the powder from crushed pearls. Or seasoning salads cider vinegar infused pearls. In modern cosmetology widely used pearl extract.

Another "moon" rock girls — rock crystal, a favorite of Artemis, the virgin goddess. In Japan, rhinestone considered frozen breathing dragon. Transparent, clear, solid, perfect. He grants purity of deeds and thoughts, clarity of thinking and bravery. Use it and look to the future — think about crystal balls used by diviners. In the old articles of rock crystal were instructed to give brides a sign of engagement. This decoration will not be in charge of a young girl temptations. As an amulet rhinestone normalizes monthly cycle, cures migraines and improves sleep. Rhinestone especially recommended uncollected easily distracted people, it helps concentration, develops diligence and punctuality. This stone has the property of all the "cool": the feelings, the emotions, the zeal of quarrels. As it is sometimes necessary! ..

Love the power of Venus

So, pearl and rhinestone — it rocks the moon, ever virgin and chilly Selena. The second most important planet in the woman's life is Venus. The main stumbling Venus considered chrysoprase, malachite and most precious — emerald. Chrysoprase — relatively inexpensive mineral, according to the modern classification it belongs to the semi-precious. Uniform apple-green color, he is surprisingly happy soul. Chrysoprase — stone of Venus, and therefore, helps in matters of love. Bewitch, to bewitch, seduce … This chrysoprase no equal. This stone frivolous office romances, meaningless adultery. Unlike pearls, chrysoprase is for mature women. Therein lies the realization of their femininity, self-confidence. He banishes the blues and taught all over to see the beauty. In medical practice chrysoprase can be used as an antidepressant and as an aid in the treatment of urogenital diseases and eye diseases.

Another lady stone, malachite, known since ancient times.

Products made of malachite escorted a man from birth to death. First toy — hung over the cradle of malachite beads — protection from the evil eye, damage and disease. Faithful Amulet — malachite cross on his chest. Malachite earrings, necklaces, bracelets … How many women give their weight! This stone is a powerful instrument of love spell. But from the owner, it requires a great deal. Doing his mistress "fatal", malachite requires her to a sense of complete surrender. And the healing properties of malachite known since ancient times. Egyptian summed paint from powdered malachite eyes — eyes became deep, addictive, like a whirlpool, do not leave anyone indifferent man. And, thanks to its powerful antibacterial action, such shade protects from conjunctivitis in hot and dry climates. Astromeditsina advises using malachite for the treatment of hypertension in the form of a bracelet or a plate on the pulse. Daily foot massage beads or beads of malachite rid of varicose veins. And to relieve bruises help this stone — it eliminates the hematoma.

The most expensive and beautiful of all the stones of Venus is an emerald, or as it was called in the old days, emerald. This is also true assistant in love affairs. Give or her elect decoration with the stone — and you will never forget. Emeralds are presented with power, and thus wearing jewelry with this stone, to rule the souls and hearts to command you on the right. In ancient times it was believed that enlightens emerald eyes, helps to read other people's thoughts, therefore, safeguard against fraud. He will relieve insomnia, and give peace of mind. "He is green, clean, cheerful and gentle as spring grass, and when you look at it for a long time, then lightens the heart, if you look at it in the morning, the whole day will be easy for you. You have a bed over the night I'll put emerald, my love — let it drives away from your bad dreams, slow to anger appeaseth heartbeat and puts dark thoughts. Who wears emerald, do not come close to the snakes and scorpions "- referred to in the biblical" Song of Songs ".

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