Main Christmas tree felled by the slogans of protest

Today in Klin near Moscow felled spruce forest area, in order to, as always, the New Year, set it on the Cathedral Square. Reported by the Ministry of Press and Information of the Moscow region. Environmentalists have expressed outrage, and in the management of the Russian president to say to that, that the tree still has to cut down on age.

"This year's Christmas tree, which will establish the tradition at the Cathedral Square of the Moscow Kremlin, delivered from Klin district of Moscow region. Trees more than 30 meters will be cut down in the Klin forestry December 15" — the ministry said.

Activists board Klin district NGOs gathered to prevent felling tree.

As one of the environmentalists, representatives of public organizations are going to wear costumes Father Frosts and Snow Maidens and arrange in a dress protest. "We are felling trees using as an excuse to draw attention to the problems. We will placards demanding the administration not to engage in public relations in New Year period, and get down to business," — he said.

At press secretary manager of President Viktor Khrekov ready response to the protests of environmentalists. According to him, the tree is selected, which is still subject to felling age.

"El, which is chosen — the so-called" ripe "wood. Her 100 years and it is still subject to Chips" — Khrekov explained, adding that the main beauty of the country chose experts who examined about 100 oil in ten districts of the Moscow region. The selected tree was placed under protection long before now.

Christmas tree cut down at 13:00. And before that, a solemn transfer of "roadside ratification" with the request to deliver from suburban forests in the Kremlin main Christmas tree in Russia. The event will be accompanied by a pyrotechnic show.

A colorful pageant of songs, dances and winter carols and held in place felling trees. Festivities suddenly decided to dedicate the 50th anniversary of human space flight. According to the organizers, will deliver Christmas toys to represent an alien flying saucer. First Christmas tree will be consecrated.


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