Masons in power in Ukraine

When Ukraine introduced a new banknote of 500 hryvnia, Ukrainian media paid attention to the fact that the bill represents one of the most important Masonic symbols — the same as on the dollar bills.

At the front of the note features a portrait of Ukrainian philosopher Gregory Pans, on the back — the building of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. "NBU instructed his department to cash circulation develop regulations turnover of new banknotes", — the press-service of the National Bank of Ukraine.

On the back side of the building notes image of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy "swells" so-called "all-seeing eye" or "radiant delta" — the eye placed in the center of the triangle. In the symbolism of Freemasonry is a global image of sovereignty means "the top" — a triangular eye of the "Great Architect of the Universe." Exactly the same "all-seeing eye" depicted on the reverse of the cash in the $ 1 …

And then you can see all the famous Masons who are (or recently were) in power in the world …


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