Mass mortality of penguin is listed on the beaches of Brazil

More than 500 penguins were found dead on Friday on the beaches of the southern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, said channel Univision.

Causes of mortality of sea birds have not been established. Brazilian veterinarians have to analyze the bodies of several penguins, the results will appear in about a month. No external injuries were found on penguins.

This is the so-called Magellanic penguins, which usually live in large colonies in Patagonia in southern Argentina and Chile, and often migrate, following the shoals of fish, which is their main food

In early 2012, the northern coast of Peru were found dead 900 dolphins, which, as becomes a scientist, died from decompression sickness. Rather, it was caused by the influence of the acoustic equipment used for oil exploration nearby. In addition to dolphins in the same area killed about 1.5 thousand pelicans.

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