Massacre of St. Bartholomew in the week dragged

Continue firing people who were active during the elections or were detained by the events of December 19 and the following days.

Yury Ryzhkov Shpak- during the last election was a member of the election commission number 4 Leninsky district of Minsk, which came from the BPF. Just the plot number 4 came OSCE observers to inspect the crack in the ballot box, which can be thrown fake ballots. It was Yuri Shpak-Ryzhkov found in the area 50 papers that were prepared as activist thinks to throw. And former commissioner fired from the unitary enterprise "Mengarsvyatlo," where he worked as a house painter. Consent to the alleged dismissal for absenteeism gave the union. Meanwhile Mr Shpak-Ryzhkov said that in those 3 days that it will not count as work, he performed his duties as a member of the election commission. But after the scandal with the ballots and illegal decision to dismiss him from the commission by its chairman Natalia Rope issued the relevant certificate:

"Fired decision of 10 January. In the morning the union decided almost unanimously. Only one person working for me stood up and said that we can not dismiss the person if he is not messing around, did not drink and was in commission. But the rest … and there is the best part — the administration. This is a state enterprise, the more mengarvykankamavskae. I think they have given such an order. After all, it was the KGB and we, as the master said it was just. They told me another 16 th there were threats and that you will be in big trouble. And it's just like that found an urn unterminated and caused the OSCE, and in the afternoon I found the ballot papers that were unnecessary to the plot. "

They told me another 16 th there were threats and that you will be in big trouble.

Yury Ryzhkov Shpak, will seek the help of human rights defenders and independent trade union radyepramyslovastsi. He says that, except on the solidarity of a democratic society, it is no hope, because in the Belarusian court he almost did not believe it.

On yet another example of dismissal stated "Freedom," the human rights activist Anastasia Marinkina. According to her, the same fate befell a resident of Gomel Oblast Lyudmila Atakulava, who worked as an economist at the National Park "Pripyat".

"She worked there for distribution. She was given a fine for the events of December 19, but counted hooky for December 20, and was fired. And she now faces, except for the fine, then you need to offset the cost of their studies. "

Lyudmila Atakulava has already applied for legal aid in a public committee "Solidarity", said activist Enira Bronitskaya.

The morning of January 11 was released activist Mikhail Pashkevich, who served 15 days in Akrestsin for solidarity action outside the detention center. In a meeting on December 19, Mikhail Pashkevich was not involved, since he was arrested this morning and released the night of the 20th. On Akrestin Pashkevich had to sit in the same cell with Artem Dubski, Anton Koipish, Andrew Krechko, Frank Vyachorka and other activists of democratic institutions, among whom were also those who did not take part in a rally on December 19. Logic in such detentions Mikhail Pashkevich not looking for:

"If just yesterday to lead us into the chamber of the latter, Julian Misyukevich, I realized that they are not going to stop, the flywheel there is running pretty seriously. It's like in 2008 after an explosion at Victor's Avenue, where Bartholomew's night lasted for weeks: cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. "



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