Massage the upper chest

Massage the upper chestCompared with other parts of the body such as such as the back, upper part of the breast is an area in less need of a massage, but there are muscles that are involved in carrying out a variety of movements and can often be pinned down and tired. These muscles are called the major and minor muscles are up to the collarbone and shoulder. Massage improves blood circulation in the chest and in these muscles. It also relaxes and warms the tissue, preparing them for a deeper massage.

If there is cellulite arose to reverse the process is very difficult. Improved circulation, coupled with changes in the nature of power to a certain extent can prevent the development of cellulite or improve. In addition to massage, physical exercises can be used to reduce stagnation by stimulating blood circulation and lymph flow. Daily rubbing of the skin with a brush with natural bristles also help reduce congestion.

Muscles of the upper part in all the movements of the shoulder and arm and, therefore, work in all forms of physical activity and sports. Some of them, especially the muscles of the upper part, play a key role in the respiratory movements. Perform similar functions and muscles located between the ribs. Overload, stress or bad posture cause permanent muscle top. As a result, they overdo it and shortened, which can lead to difficulty breathing.

Rolfing top promotes further relaxation and makes muscles more flexible. While you make a deep pressure, you should adjust it with the status of the muscles, which can be varied in thickness and degree of tension. Similarly, the duration of the massage is determined by the degree of muscle tension.

Stand at an angle to lime or massaged in line with his shoulders, pull on the control arm bracelets. To work with both hands on the side closest to you, you need to slightly bend them at the elbows, with the far side of the massage hands should be straightened.

Put your hands on top of one another at close to your side. Keep your fingers flat on the surface of the skin, massage the crayons E in a circular motion clockwise or counterclockwise, producing a uniform pressure with both hands. Repeat the technique several times. Then follow the same movement on the other site, while not having worked in this way the whole side nearest you.

Massages the abdomen and ends with a light stroking the top. Since this device has a relaxing effect, it can be repeated several times. Stand at the head of the massage couch, gently thrusting one leg. When you give up on his chest, leaning forward a little, but do not tilt the body too much.

Place both hands near the central region of the upper part. Relax both hands in contact with the surface of the hands and fingers. Massage with both hands from the top down to the stomach, producing a long gentle stroking. Although this method does not involve the capture and stomach, you can move down as far as you see fit.

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