Meaning of the symbols of the Slavic suspension

The symbolism of the suspension — hard. General symbolic meaning is composed of several separate known characters: "Star Cross", "Alatyr", "New Life", "Makos".

"Star of the Cross" — a symbol oberegovy, orienting direction of the talisman to the four corners of the world — top, bottom and two sides. Always takes center stage people. He seems to be placed in the center of the star.

"New Life" — a symbol indicating the woman in pregnancy, in agriculture, the sown fields. The point in the rhombus, by BA Rybakov, — the germ of a new life. Hence the name of the character.

"Alatyr" — a symbol, in this case, calling for the universal force, the force of a great help to him to whom is the charm. At the edges "Alatyr" are two months — young and old — symbolizing the lunar impact, and the dimension of time — a full month (ie all the time).

The "Makos" presented chetyrekratnym replicating personal monogram Mokos goddesses of fate. Symbol sent rears letters "K" to the same four sides — top, bottom and two sides. This is a call for Mokos-fate protect against negative influences on four sides.

All the symbolism of the suspension means:
"A woman is pregnant and is drawn to the fate-Mokos requesting safeguard her from the evil influences from all four sides, and that this force will Alatyrsky level — the universal power."


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