Medvedev urged to intensify efforts to reduce the burden on the environment

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev urged the ministry and strengthen the work of experts in 2013 to mitigate the adverse impact on the environment, improve monitoring in this area and strengthen the rule of law, punishing violators with fines and imprisonment.

"Strengthening the rule of law in the field of environmental security — this is a very important direction. Fines and criminal liability not only decide, but should be fined and put" — Medvedev said at a meeting on the activities in the field of environmental protection in 2013.

The Prime Minister emphasized that no developed country "such barbaric attitude to nature does not allow."

"I mean, not only, of course, companies and enterprises. I am referring to the household level. Maybe it's even more importantly, because the companies are working in management positions are the same people," — said the prime minister.

He recalled that in 2013 was declared the Year of Environmental Protection. The government adopted an action plan for the Year of Environment.

"The purpose of this should not be a populist, and quite practical — to change the situation so that people can feel the change for the better" — said Medvedev. He stressed that it is necessary to continue to reduce the adverse impact on the environment, conservation and restoration of some natural systems, parks. In addition, the need to improve the control and monitoring of the environment. The Prime Minister said that ten years ago theme of nature is not a high priority.

"Now the situation has changed dramatically, the environment want to do everything the state and social structures, and opinion leaders, and representatives of the political opposition. This is normal," — said the prime minister.

However, he said that the most important thing — do not talk, do something.

He recalled that in 2012 approved the foundation of the state policy in the field of ecology to the year 2030, the Government adopted the State Program of Environmental Protection.

The meeting was attended by the Minister of Natural Resources, Education and Science, Energy, and a number of experts in the field of ecology.

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