Messenger of the underworld

Although we often refer to smart people "wise owls", this bird is considered unlucky. Almost all of the night birds, and especially those whose cries sound dark and mysterious, grisly — the owl most.

Owl Feather — from the evil eye

Since time immemorial, the owl was considered a messenger of misery. The ancient Romans had for her disgust, associated with death and disaster, and saw her in the afternoon, caught and then burned, and the ashes poured out publicly into the Tiber.

Obviously, a bad name owls in our time, and in Roman times, there was because of her habits and fly at night because of her sad cry similar to Wuhan.

"Pliny called funerary night owl bird and Spencer — terrible messenger of death."

"There is no such people, who would not exist legends associated with owls. Greeks endowed owls wisdom of the gods: no wonder the eternal companion of the wisest of the Greek goddess, Pallas Athena was an owl. In old Armenian legends owl was identified with the devil. In Russia in ancient times believed that if an owl at night will hit the window — to be in the house unfortunately. Kazakhstan residents keep feathers from the breast as an expensive bird mascot and protect children and animals from the evil eye. "

In Egyptian mythology, the owl symbolizes death, night, cold and passivity. It belongs to the realm of night the sun came down over the horizon and crossing the lake or the sea of darkness.

In India, the owl was revered as the patron saint of the night and the messenger of the underworld, designed to accompany the souls of the dead. In addition, the owl is a mount of the goddess Durga, wife of Shiva in one of its fearsome incarnation.

In China, the owl was associated with lightning and thunder. On the other hand, it is associated with violence, evil, crime, death, ungrateful children.

For the Indians of North America owl symbolizes wisdom and prophecy, it was believed that it can to help. Owl feathers in a headdress served as protection.

In ancient Mexico, the goddess was worshiped in the form of rain sacred owl. The Aztecs and Mayans owl symbolized some demonic creature of the night and was the attribute of the god of the underworld, a messenger of death or guide of souls in the afterlife.

The Pueblo Indians, it was associated with the Human Skeleton, who was both god of death and lord of fertility.

In Christianity, the owl symbolizes the forces of darkness, desolation, solitude, sorrow, bad news. Owl — a "song of death." As being nocturnal and generally mysterious owl became a symbol of evil and witchcraft.

In Judaism, a night demon female Lilith portrayed in society owl.

In the symbolism of marriage, it stands as a symbol of a widow or spinster. Council also attributed the role of custodian of underground riches, treasures, gap-herb that helps unlock any locks.

In the legends of King Arthur magician Merlin is often described with an owl on his shoulder. Owl and — the sacred bird sorceress Calypso that kept Odysseus on her island for seven years.

What screams owl

If an owl flies into the house — it portends desolation. When the owl hoots three nights in a row near the home, it is seen by many as a sign of death. In addition, owls may be associated with childbirth. If she cries at birth, the child grows up unhappy. In France, if a pregnant woman hears an owl, she would have a girl. If the owl and the raven crying, sitting on the roof — for the dead.

If the owl sits on the church and shout at her, a priest or change, or he will die soon, or church burned.

Owl, screaming at the edge of the forest, heralds the imminent flood.

As you know, the owl is a henchman of evil spirits and often charmed guards treasures. It is also believed that the heart of the owl, the position of the nest, runs ants. If the owl heart put together with the left foot, or at least with one claw on hard sleeper, he immediately begins to tell what he thinks to do in the future, and will give all their secrets.

Owl claws were with him for protection from witchcraft. A close relative of the owl owl is considered "Sovkin Devereux" and is a constant companion of the devil.

In the past, implicitly believed that the one who looks in the owl nest, life after that will be dark and melancholy.

In some European countries, until recently, believed that an owl, hands out late at night from one of the trees, the cemetery is a sign that one of the unmarried girls lost their virginity.

On one of the beliefs, owls live in churches and drinking lamp oil, and nest in the ruins, because these places are usually inhabited by spirits.

In Italy had entered the house immediately killed the owl, and if it was flying, it carries with it all the luck of the house.

As many will recall, in Shakespeare's "Macbeth" owl wing used for witchcraft, and before Horace mentions owl feathers as an ingredient in witches brew.

However, different parts of the owl carcasses and used for good. For example, the owl broth village healers given to children against pertussis, and bird eggs, good seeing in the dark, with shells pounded into powder, helped restore sight.

It was also believed that if dipsomaniac to owl egg, beaten out into a cup, it is from this point on will hate spirits with the same force with which hitherto enjoyed. Such a belief comes from ancient Greece, where it is believed that if the egg is to give a child, he would not grow up a drunkard.

From gout, fostered by the frequent use of alcohol, treated salt sovyatinoy, epilepsy and dementia — cooked bird brains. In Germany, to protect themselves from the terrible consequences of a rabid dog bites, always wore under his arm, left hand and right foot heart owl.

Even in pragmatic America still believe in different owl signs, and if they hear an eerie front of his home hoot, immediately fueled fireplace and shoved into his shovel. Thus, according to popular belief, you can avoid the "nakarkat" owl death.

In some countries, owls ascribe properties to prevent accidents and to reflect evil. In Japan owls figurines placed at home to avoid starvation and epidemics.

Two years ago, in November 2005, the residents of the Romanian village Sukeva outright were alarmed by the unprecedented invasion of owls. For some reason, hundreds flocked to the city of night birds and occupied all the trees!

Despite the fact that owls do not cause much harm, the citizens appealed to the authorities to take all measures to chase birds from the city. The fact that the owls in Romania have a bad name and are considered messengers of bad news. Among the locals, there superstition that if an owl recoil slot next to the house, we will soon surely die one of his tenants.

Postmen Hogwarts

"There is a belief that the witch is often next to a creature that is not just a pet, but also a close friend and companion — companion. This animal is often a cat, frog, dog, rat, or, most often, the owl, which is present at the coven, and witches as ornaments are owl feathers in her hair. Owls, while usually perform various tasks of witches. "

Perhaps this circumstance was author JK Rowling's source of ideas to make the owls postmen in the magical world of Hogwarts.

The idea was interesting, but the British defenders of wildlife are now sounding the alarm, as the fashion for owls touched so many Englishmen. At particular risk are the snowy owl — it is this bird was a young wizard Harry Potter. In this regard, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds calls not buy them for content in the home.

With books and movies Harry Potter, of course, familiar in Russia. This is evidenced by a catastrophic decrease in the population of Soviet Central Black Earth. Owl again became a cult bird. Many Russians tend to get the feathered creation to your home or, at worst, to get it stuffed.

Because of Harry Potter in the regions of Russia began a boom, scientists say. Owls are caught in large numbers for sale.

True, consumers have little or no idea how to keep this mysterious bird. And not only that, in reality, owls do not talk, can not deliver the letter and is not amenable to training.

Contain owls eat mice at home is difficult, experts say. Besides the human life cycle and the owls are not the same. Owl — night birds, so at dusk, they behave very restless.

By the way, to hear in a dream sad owl — a warning that after the joy and health comes death. For such a dream to be the bad news about the missing. A dead owl in a dream means that you barely avoid serious illness or death. Owl in your dreams means that you are building against the secret machinations.


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