Michael Jackson wanted to clone. Managed to you?


Michael Jackson, the pop star is unmatched, with whom the outside world and its countless fans goodbye on July 7 in Los Angeles, had the idea of its own clone, so far as possible to provide shelter his immortal soul, according to the London tabloid Daily Mirror citing chauffeur Al Bowman, one being served by the King of Pop.

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The King died on June 25.

The singer became interested in the idea of finding a new life in 2002, when Las Vegas hosted a conference on human cloning. On it, he went with his friend illusionist Uri Geller.

At the same time Jackson was impressed by the teachings of a religious sect called the Raelians, the essence of which is that the human soul is subject to death at the moment when the body dies. Therefore, the key to eternal life can only be cloning — a reconstruction of the clones of the original genetic material.

, Under the leadership mastermind movement Vorilona French journalist Claude (Claude Vorilhon), who founded the sect in 1973, far-sighted and prudent united in their ideological organization, "spiritual" beginning with the practical and economic extremely important element.

In 1997, they created the scientific branch of the sect known as Clonaid with a base in the Bahamas. Cultists active about collecting funds and donations for the purposes of scientific research on human cloning "the good" and at the expense of Hollywood's most famous characters.

The driver Jackson Bowman remembers the words spoken by the singer in 2002, when he and Geller in a highly excited state, discussed the prospects of cloning in a limousine.

The King of Pop reportedly announced the magician, who stopped the clock in the tower of Big Ben and a bent spoon, that really would like to clone, regardless of how much it might cost.

In addition, Jackson, according to the same Daily Mirror, in the 90s made inquiries about the possibility of cryogenic freezing and, like, took the drug GH3, aimed at prolonging life.

Then he survived the rapture, found out about cloned in 1996, Dolly the sheep in Britain.

The venture is a Frenchman Claude Vorilona made a lasting impression on Jackson.

He claims to have come in contact with a representative of an extraterrestrial civilization, which, being on a flying saucer on the excellent French told him the story of the origin of mankind 25 thousand years ago.

According to him an alien, the people on Earth have created in the laboratories of aliens from another planet.

Start a new human race put the Elohim, which in Hebrew means "those who came from heaven."

Currently sect Raelains has 55 thousand followers. Part of their spiritual life is waiting the return of the Elohim to Earth.

It is said that in 2002, Michael Jackson made contact with Dr. Brigitte Boisselier, specializing in biochemistry and physical chemistry. It — Bishop sect Raelins and managing director of the company Clonaid,

In December of the same year, she announced to the world that their company has successfully cloned the first human — a girl named Eve.

There was a plan to clone another child for a couple of lesbian parents in Europe. However, no evidence has not announced later.

On his website, Clonaid proposes to implement the cloning of human beings for the amount of $ 200 thousand transplant fertilized egg barren woman will cost the clientele at least $ 5 million

Now Jackson's former driver guesses Thus, it was possible or not, his former patron to make your copy?


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