Milan Michalevic asked not to go to Brussels and Warsaw

Wife of ex-prisoner of the presidential candidate Milan Michalevic last night could hear her husband on the phone.

She believes that the calls could come from institutions KGB. Both times she heard the voice of Ales Mikhalevich and some "behind the scenes".

She was told that she was traveling to Brussels and Warsaw, and also did not tell anyone about this call. Ms Milan said that will not be silent. She was on the phone promised that if she would keep quiet and not go, it will be able again to hear her husband's voice.

When she asked Olesya that may be, he replied that "will not make anything worse." He also said that in the KGB detention center reach transmission, in addition to letters. Mikhalevich said that "in the KGB detention center forgot a couple of things." In this regard, Ms. Milan yesterday questioned the information that you received from the investigator that Mikhalevich is in the KGB detention center.

Earlier, the lawyer spoke with Mikhalevich in jail on Volodarskogo. Then days his whereabouts are not known. Yesterday, the investigator said that the former candidate is in the KGB detention center.

Milan Michalevic also said that she was invited to visit Warsaw, but "in this situation she can not leave Belarus. "

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