More than 1.5 thousand people in Primorye remained without electricity due to rains

 More than a thousand people in ten villages of Primorye were left without electricity after heavy rains, according to branch of "FEDC" "Seaside electrical network."

Earlier it was reported that due to heavy rains in 33 districts of the region flooded backyard 282 and 38 basements. The substitution of the bridge on the section of the road "Arhipovka village — the village's clear." Storm water washed away part of the road "Samarka — Cherished" width about five meters in 13 kilometers from the village treasured. Temporarily disrupted transport links with the villages cherished Okrainka. Due to heavy rainfall in the guerrilla zone eroded land forest road and cut communication with the villages of the Romanovs The key Slinkin Sergeevskoe rural settlement and village Partizan.

"Heavy rains caused the interruption of power supply to a number of places the edge, but most of the problems have now been resolved. Since yesterday still without electricity in villages Chuguevsky area (Breevka, Bear Kut, poplar, clear, Izvilinka, Arhipovka) — about a thousand people, as well as Anuchino village — 48. in the guerrilla zones were without electricity village adverbial, Romanovsky and Slinkin, several private homes Malyagou The-Street in the village of Vanguard, "- said in a statement.

Clarifies that the work of Power complicate the floods that podtopili some roads. It does not allow maintenance crews to quickly get de-energized communities.

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