More than 15 thousand rubles collected in Vladivostok for the maintenance of an orphaned cub

Environmentalists Primorye during Tiger Day celebrations in Vladivostok have collected more than 15 thousand rubles for the maintenance cubs orphaned Cinderella, found at the end of last winter in a weakened area of the Ussuri region, told RIA Novosti EcoFund "Phoenix".

Tiger five to six months of age in the extreme exhaustion was discovered by hunters on February 25 in a forest near the village of Borisovka in the Ussuri region. The little tiger was sent for treatment and rehabilitation centers, where she received the name of Cinderella. In late February, the edge protection of wildlife management specialists have begun to search for the mother tiger, in which was found brother Cinderella. However, despite all the efforts of specialists, a few days later he died from exhaustion and wounds from other animals.

"Right now, the health of the cub does not cause fear, but every day the growth it requires more food expenses. Six months experts strongly sought money for its upkeep, but now we have decided to help them in this. During Tiger Day in Vladivostok in the central area was located pavilion our foundation, where we raised money for food tigress orphan "- told the agency.

According to him, on Monday the funds collected were counted. During the first day of protest, residents and guests of Vladivostok collected 15.354 thousand. It is expected that this money will be transferred to a specialized inspection "Tiger", which contains a Cinderella.

"How clever to dispose of the money, decide inspection specialists, but we assume that almost all of them will be spent on the meat for a growing tigress. Possible that these funds will be used for the purchase of live deer, which Cinderella could be trained in the hunt . Indeed, in February-March it plans to release in the wild, "- said the source.

He said that raising funds for the maintenance of the cub will continue until spring, until the tiger leaves rehab. For these purposes, all those who participated in the action in Tiger Day, were given a receipt with the banking fund.

As the director of "Phoenix" Sergei Bereznyuk for ecologists is very important that the tigress returned to the wild.

"Big money is spent on screening, treatment and maintenance of rare birds of prey, but it is worth it. With a total population of 450-500 individuals, each animal — their weight in gold. Especially if this beast — a female, can yield offspring" — said Bereznyuk .

The Amur tiger is listed in the Red Book, in Russia these animals live in the Primorsky and Khabarovsk regions. According to the last census, the population has about 450 species. International organizations are making efforts to prevent its decline.

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