More than 230 rescuers to remove the effects of prolonged rainfall Primorye

 More than 230 rescue workers and outside experts eliminate Sunday in Primorye effects of floods caused by prolonged downpours in 12 localities Chuguevsky area of flooding in the area are 611 people, according to GUMCHS Russia on edge.

Flood damaged 14 bridges in the three districts of Primorye. On Saturday morning, 298 were flooded private holdings and gardens, 38 basements. Due to the elements over a thousand people in ten villages eve without electricity. Rescuers on Friday and Saturday of the flood zone were evacuated by helicopter and special equipment 51 tourists, cut off from home and enter the track.

Rescue workers and road workers are restoring the damaged sections of the route diversion of flood flows from settlements, supply of food, fuel for backup power sources.

"The work to deal with the flood involved 67 vehicles and 239 people. In areas affected by the floods continue to work operational headquarters to eliminate the effects of showers. Operate operational groups consisting of representatives of the Primorsky Territory Administration, municipalities and the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia for the Primorye Territory . Additional settlements that were flooding, there are 12 operational teams to assess the damage, "- said in a statement.

It is noted that in the area Yakovlevsky from rising water levels in the Ussuri River there was a fracture of two low-lying areas of local motorway at 10-13 inches between the village and the Lake Beļcova. To control the situation and to ensure traffic safety in areas exposed police posts. Road traffic is not interrupted.

In the Kirov district level rise on the Ussuri River is low. Flooding of farmland, private holdings, critical infrastructure not. Expected maximum flood Ussuri River near the village of Kirov is expected on August 27-28. Predicted flooding of local roads, some villages on the outskirts of town houses Tikhmenev, Arhangelovka, Podgorny.

In the urban district Lesozavodsk peak rising waters in the Ussuri River is expected on August 29-30, projected water yield the floodplain, flooding local roads in the area village Kirov — a city Lesozavodsk, reports GUMCHS Russia.

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