More than 30 people died in India due to heavy rains and landslides

Incessant monsoon rains and the resulting mudslides have killed at least 33 people in north-east India, more than a million people have fled their homes, said Tuesday the newspaper Times of India.

According to media reports, the hardest hit state of Sikkim and Assam. Livni does not stop for a week, in Assam, a victim of severe flooding in June and July, people are once again forced to move to the camps to escape the floods.

Only in the disaster area was more than two million inhabitants of the north-eastern India. Power was transferred back to the team deal with emergencies that organize temporary accommodation of refugees.

From the disaster affects not only the people: in the disaster area and was the world famous Kaziranga sanctuary, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is home to tigers, elephants, deer, the world's largest population of one-horned rhinoceros. Because of continued flooding this year is killing hundreds of animals.

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