More than a thousand volunteers helped Reserves Russia for 10 years

Over 1.2 thousand "green" volunteers helped Russian reserves by volunteer center "Chipmunk", deputy director of environmental and educational center "Reserves" Elena Knizhnikov.

Most of the volunteer programs and camps held in the reserves during the summer. Traditionally, members of these programs do not require special skills and experience work for 4-6 hours a day, five days a week. In the reserves volunteers help staff in the departments of environmental education, develop ekotropy, collect trash, plant trees. Rest of the time is given for guided tours, games, seminars, training, leisure interest. The number of participants in the volunteer program — from 5 to 40 people, depending on the task.

"We have sent more than 1.2 thousand volunteers in the camp through the center of" Chipmunk "for ten years. And today we want to create a system with protected areas, so that they could somehow motivate volunteers to consider their working hours, reward, hold contests. that is to do something that works around the world — to motivate people to be proud of their reserves through "- said Knizhnikov RIA Novosti.

Center "Chipmunk" was created with the Ecocenter "Reserves" Ten years ago, on the model of the Western volunteer centers, where the youth summer combines relaxation and help nature.

"You can go to the protected area and to give it some help. At the same time enjoy the nature that is around, see unique landscapes and cultural monuments. Example, in the United States during the tourist season over 30% of national parks staff are volunteers, they're perceived as staff members. Our goal — to introduce volunteers to the reserves, and then they can already work directly, become friends Reserve "- added the agency interlocutor.

In addition to the private volunteering in Russia also develops corporate volunteering when companies organize joint field trips. As noted with regret that the deputy director, while those involved in the first international companies.

Meanwhile, in 2013, eco-center "Reserves" is planning a volunteer camps in the Baikal nature reserve Zhigulevsk Reserve (Samara region), reserve "Shulgan-Tash" (Bashkiria), and in the national parks "Ugra" (Kaluga region), "Smolensk Lakeland "" Kenozersky "(Arkhangelsk region).

Environmental Education Center "Reserves" was created in 1996 to generate public support for protected areas in Russia. In addition to organizing camps Center conducts seminars and training projects visitor centers and nature trails, and is involved in long-term volunteer projects, including international.

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