Moscow authorities are administered to students lessons of tolerance for special textbook

In Moscow, teachers will conduct lessons of tolerance, and organize children's activities based on the manual "Ethno-Moscow". To educate children in Moscow "mutual to each other and to the traditions", the publication will introduce information about holidays and culture of the peoples living in the Russian capital, as well as information about their famous countryman, already noted in the history of Moscow. At this point, experts are encouraged to be careful not to achieve the opposite effect.

Moscow Department of interregional cooperation and national policy and relations with religious organizations, whose brainchild is etnoposobie, intends to enter into the book and the stories about "ethnic things" of the city, in particular, mosques and synagogues. Developing self benefit, department officials to prepare "guidelines for teachers on the use of the manual."

Moscow authorities are administered to students lessons of tolerance for special textbook

Guidelines officials help teachers tell students about the correct Navruz, Sabantuy, Hanukkah, because of ignorance of which, according to the spokesman of the Department said Anastasia Starostin, "they were often a violent attitude to the various ethnic groups. And this must be corrected. "

Colleagues Starostina consider necessary creativity to national color. For example, on "Moscow Tatar" "information is not submitted in the form of a boring set of names and dates, but in the form of tales and legends."

Schoolboys will certainly "for" Department recommended tours associated with the Ukrainians Maroseika at Georgian, Tatar streets Armenian Lane.

Co-founder of the "Tour Desk number 1" Julia Abramova seriously believes that "toponymic tour" outside Ferghana and Samarkand Boulevard will have "great potential", apparently, in the context of the story to children about guest workers of the capital.

In discussing the idea of such a textbook sensible opinion expressed member of the Moscow City Duma Committee on Public Associations and Religious Organizations Andrei Metelsky, who said that "to educate a national affairs must not only children but also their parents."

It is unclear, write "News", limited to whether the drafters of the peoples of the former USSR benefits or turn on it and information about the representatives of foreign countries. So far in the capital's education system such benefits were not, and the lessons of tolerance in Moscow schools are now held once a month.

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