Moshe Dayan. The burden of government watch online

Moshe Dayan.  The burden of government watch online
Many recognizable in the Russian Union general Moshe Dayan, the most representative of the evil "Israeli military" — comes from Russia. He worshiped the ideas of socialism, was modest and unpretentious. And at the same time, he was angry and experienced captain. He succeeded, and save Israel from death, and to lay the conflict, which will poison the life of all future generations of Israelis. Russian Alliance has played a significant role in the history of Israel. In the 10 years before the formation of the Jewish settlers in the middle of the country had a huge number of supporters thought of building a communist society. Sam Joseph Stalin was a cult figure whose policy was welcomed ecstatically. Moshe Dayan, man which ordained that all life the struggle for independence Israel, as no one else knew the value of peace.

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