Mysterious dog-rescuer

In the middle of dense forests in the Dnipropetrovsk dog appeared out of nowhere, which is close to the half-barked in trouble the old man. Can be called a miracle, that his cry for help was heard by members of the Historical-search organization "Search-Dnepr" that could pull out partially paralyzed man out of his trap and take home. Sam dog, named saved guardian angel, has evaporated.

According to the head of the search Dmitry Svarnika, that day they have been studying the area for a base Aul village Dnieper, where in 1943, were fighting. At this point, there are almost no people close only three houses in which they live a few old men. Passing by one of the beams, the group suddenly heard that somewhere near the dog barks and whines. It turned out that it was a little black dog, who anxiously running around the edge.

Moving closer, the men saw that the cliff, caught in a fallen dead tree hanging man. Searchers had the time to retrain in the rescue — they pulled him out and took him home. There they met the wife of the victim, who said that he recently suffered a stroke, because of which an old man's hand was paralyzed and have problems with speech. The woman was thanking searchers, but they told that in fact her husband had saved a little tyke. But canine rescue this time had disappeared.

The villagers Dniprovske told the "Komsomolskaya Pravda", which like the description of the dog several times helped local residents, each time mysteriously disappearing.

According to Maria Nikolaevna, one of the residents of the Dnieper, in the summer it came nine-granddaughter. Once she spree until dark, and then a long time to find a home. They have already started to worry when he heard a strange barking dog, which began to scratch the door. Was on the verge of a black dog, who whined and spun at his feet. Going after him, they found her granddaughter, who was sitting under a tree in a nearby street, crying. Maria wanted to feed the dog rescue, but he quickly escaped.

She reported that the dog helped her husband and a neighbor, who was lying drunk in the gutter, when teenagers began to fumble in his pockets. The dog managed to get rid of the children, and then he began to lick the face of a man, from which he, in his words, immediately sobered up and went home. Thank rescuer also failed — he promptly disappeared. Rumors of psec-rescuers scattered throughout the village, and the people he has helped, and now every night leave him some food under the porch.

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