Mystery Hunters

Most of the hunters — people superstitious and believes in omens. Each of those who go on fishing, trophy hunting, forestry makes an offering to the spirits.

In special, sacred places hunter squirting vodka, leave food — in short, Burhan, or should not have a hunting luck. Meanwhile, say the hunters, meeting unusual, unknown, they occur quite frequently.

Hunting base usually located in the most convenient places, often farms built on the site of the abandoned villages. The area where people once lived, also has its own energy, particularly strong when in the area there were some tragic events.

In Olkhon district, near the village Kurtun was a village whose title no one remembers. In its place was built the hunters cabin. Do not have time to check out, as they have started to come. — They do not come to everyone — says Boris Ditsevich, a senior fellow UMC "Sibohotnauka", the stories of his comrades. — We then analyzed and concluded that the visions were in sensitive people, the least skeptical.

They — people dressed in white, a man with a white beard and a woman with long white hair. Nobody remembers the features of their faces, but every hunter, to which they came, said one thing — man handsome, very tall and very beautiful woman. White people could come by night and day. And everyone who saw them, describes their condition as semiconscious. One day they came to the hunter who stalked game in the winter forest. The man lost consciousness, he could not remember how much time spent in the cold, but then long marveled that no supercooled and frostbitten.

As white people would ask, "What are you doing here?" And when they said, "The Hunt", strictly says: "There can not be hunted."

Having determined that the white visitors just will not go away, and after the event in a winter forest is dangerous, the hunters decided to call a shaman of Kurtuna. He took four bottles of vodka and sprinkled on the corners winter quarters. The ritual lasted more than two hours, during which time the shaman came into contact with white people, and found that they are residents of a deserted village, died a violent death. What exactly happened to them, not the shaman said, talking about it is prohibited. After the ritual, the soul rested and more hunters were not.

In another cabin seen black people with matted beards, and they were set up far less conciliatory than white. Generally, for this winter quarters from hunters entrenched bad reputation, anyone who spent the night there, woke up completely overwhelmed with pain buzzing head. People suffered from hallucinations. One winter here asleep hunter who dreamed of black men, who began to strangle him. Waking up, people realized that actually choking. Disobedient to his feet, he got out of winter quarters and briefly lost consciousness. One would assume that a person poisoned by carbon monoxide, because the furnace was natoplena, but it turns out, the reason was a bit different.

— The matter furnace heater — explains Boris Ditsevich — such furnaces need to spread out naked — stones that take on the river bank. The same stones were bedrock interspersed with copper, which heated, emit toxic gases.

Guest Night

Professor, Ph.D., professor of Irkutsk Agricultural Academy Oleg Zharov — a man of the old school and I am sure that for every incredible story is still possible to find a logical explanation.

— Often we had to go hunting or to conduct some research in the forest alone, — says Oleg V.. — So, a hunter spent the night in one cabin with him was just a dog. Topilos cabin in black, and when the wood burned, the hunter closed vent.

After a while the shutter fell, hunter, not giving any importance to this, placed it in place. Soon flap hooted again on the floor, the hunter was concerned. Vent was located high in the street could not get it man or beast, and the dog would have sensed the intruder. Hunter went to bed in an embrace with a carbine. Toward morning, when scarcely a glimmer of dawn, he was awakened by the sound of falling flap. Someone shielded light outlet, hunter fired at a dark spot with a gun. After that went out. Lay dead in the snow owl. It turns out, the bird used the outlet as a warm place to sleep.

Untouchable princelings

Hunters there is an unspoken rule — in unusual animals not shoot. His spirit protects themselves, and for the murder punishes. Overly large, with too wonderful color, word, than their fellow animals hunters styled warlords.

— You kill prince — and luck can not see, — said Boris Ditsevich, a senior fellow UMC "Sibohotnauka." — A hunter told me once, in a forest of trees, he saw a white spot. When a caution came closer I could see the white musk. This, of course, was amazing animal. Usually, the musk deer skins brown color, to match the dark coniferous forest, and this was an albino — with a white cloth, a pink nose and reddish eyes. These animals are found 1 in 10 000.

Cope with temptation hunter failed and shot the beast. After that hunting fortune left him, and his next trophy he had to wait very long.

— I know another hunter, who could not resist and shot at a deer, — says our source — I do not remember what followed, but well remember his words: "I wish I did not do it."

Boris Ditsevich himself with the same abnormalities encountered more than once. During the expedition to the river Kalakan (the right tributary of the Vitim) it is discarded elk antlers with a 20-kilo-gram excrescence, elk skull with a strange bump 15 cm in diameter. Local hunters told that met with strange growths of red deer antlers instead.

The presence of these bony abnormalities our interlocutor explains injuries to young horns in dense thickets, at the same time, the influence of radiation. Her interest is high in some of the natural solonetzes that are formed in places crustal faults.

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