Mystery of nature — the Kolyma found tons of volcanic ash


Scientists from Magadan now scratching their heads over another mystery of nature — the Kolyma found tons of volcanic ash. He appeared in a region where there are no volcanoes, the exact answer to this question has not given anyone.

However, local residents, and it does not care. They are already used the mysterious ashes: they fertilize the flowers and even wash the dishes. Where the Kolyma volcanic ash? Tons of ash in several places Magadan interested scientists. Volcanoes in the region is not, therefore, ashes brought to Kolyma afar. So say researchers.

The problem is now engaged in the Russian Academy of Sciences. And local residents use the ashes for their personal needs. Workplace Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor Vladimir Smirnov — careers in Khasynsky district of Magadan Oblast. His work is called "stripping".

Scientist clears the layers on which to judge the age of the mountain ash. "Rings like a tree — explains Professor — The more bars, the more years. We now we reveal the layered strata. See, it consists of layers of pure ash. Volcanic. Bright, white such layers. And the dark layers — is a clay ash" . There are two and a half tons of volcanic ash. Volcanoes in the Magadan region not. Therefore, the scientists concluded, the ashes are not local. There is an old theory that the ashes brought to the Magadan region of tropical forests. Scientists are almost certain that the ashes wind brought from Kamchatka. After a very powerful volcanic eruption about 40,000 years ago.
And it happened in the winter. Because at this time of year cyclones come from Kamchatka to the Kolyma. However, imagine a mountain ash, brought by the wind, it is very difficult. "Can you imagine — the professor explains SVKNII FEB RAS Vladimir Smirnov — was the ice bowl. As she poured out there, sprinkled here. Her side was icy. And then it melted. Ice left. Water is gone. But this hill was left."

Scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences analyzed the composition of the ash. And they came to the conclusion that it is the same as that of the ash from the volcano in Kamchatka Ichinsky. This volcano has not erupted for a long time. And forty thousand years ago was the most powerful in the Far East. In Kolyma yet at the time it was even colder than it is now. "Magadan region was engulfed large enough glaciation. There were great big glaciers. Naturally, it was very strong cooling" — a senior fellow at SVKNII FEB RAS Glushkov, Olga says if the weather forecast at 40,000 years ago.

While scientists hypothesize and study the composition of the ashes of the Kolyma, the residents of nearby villages use it in their own way. Wash dishes and even fertilize the flowers. Thanks to him, sure kolymchane, they grow better. "Fertilizer generally do not use any. Sometimes sprinkle ashes. Well, there once a month. Well, that's the whole trick in principle. Flowers are beautiful" — shares his secrets gardener, Lily Tikhomirov. These deposits of ash and pretend to local entrepreneurs. From it you can make glass, clay, rock wool.

Scientists also say that the quarry should remain intact. For science. In its hidden depths too many secrets that have to be studied for many years.


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