Nancy Reagan said that talking to her late husband


The widow of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan Nancy claimed to have seen, and even talking to her late husband, the newspaper The Daily Mail.

"It sounds strange, but I see Ronnie," — said Nancy. According to her, her husband's ghost visits her at night, and she talks to him.

According to the newspaper, 87-year-old Nancy is still hard going through the death of her husband, who died at age 93, five years ago. The former president has long suffered from Alzheimer's disease.

By the way Ronald Reagan's daughter, when her father was president repeatedly stated that he sees the White House prizark Abraham Lincoln.

"I'm not kidding — says Maureen Reagan. — We've actually seen it." Coming to Washington to parents, Maureen and her husband Dennis Revell often spent the night in the Lincoln bedroom, and she said that she had seen a ghost, it sometimes happened in red and sometimes orange. Maureen and her husband swear that it was the ghost of Lincoln.

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