Native Americans have a Siberian roots, said U.S. researchers

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© public domain

Native Americans thousands of years ago, lived in what is now the Altai region, shown by the results of DNA testing, according to the British Daily Mail.

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania, studied the remains of people who lived 20-25 thousand years ago in the area near the borders of modern Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China, came to the conclusion that Native Americans have a Siberian origin.

For the study were taken marker genes in the mitochondrial DNA, which is passed from mothers to children, and the Y-chromosome is inherited by sons from their fathers. A large number of analyzed samples gives reason to be confident in the accuracy of the analysis.

In the Y-chromosome of the Native Americans and the Altai scientists have found a unique mutation, which indicates their genetic link. Calculate how much time it took the process of mutation, the researchers came to the conclusion that the genes of people who lived in the southern part of Siberia and America began to differ about 13-14 thousand years ago.

This conclusion is consistent with the theory that 15-20 thousand years ago people came from Asia to the Americas, crossing the Bering Strait.

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