NATO commanders have expressed surprise persistence of Gaddafi supporters

NATO commanders have expressed surprise perseverance Gaddafi

Alliance surprised tenacity with which the defenders of Sirte try to resist the rebel troops.

The rebels have captured the town in all strategic areas of principle, squeezed a small amount of remaining fighters Gaddafi and cut them off from all supply lines, but they continue to fight the war, wrote on Tuesday, October 11, Associated Press. According to the official dealer NATO Colonel Roland Lavoie, their actions "simply not make sense." He also noted that it was "amazing how a military and a political point of view."

The rebels came to the hometown of Muammar Gaddafi Sirte in August, but to this day can not capture it. With all of this aircraft NATO increment its activity, are increasingly spending their bombardment. Earlier it was reported that the rebels to the active phase of the battle were given the opportunity to get out of the peaceful population of the town, Sirte and left about 10 thousand people. But many citizens have not been able to leave and live up to this time the bullets of the rebels and bombing planes NATO — Have them or do not have transport to go or not gasoline.

In addition, the rebels stormed the heavily city Beni Walid to the south of the country, but where they suffer an even greater defeat. In Mon 10 October, rebel forces were obliged to depart for general realignment, as in street battles have suffered very heavy losses.

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