Near Arbat illegally felled 270-year-old elm, told MPs

Only in the central district of Moscow natural monument, a 270-year-old elm illegally sawed at Cook Street, municipal deputies appealed to the prosecutor general's office, told RIA Novosti deputy municipal assembly's Arbat Alexander Hawks.

"Unanimously, all fractions of the municipal assembly's Arbat directed the Attorney General and the Mayor of Moscow, separately, because they were violated every conceivable laws. Have we never seen. This criminal offense … Elm was withered, it is true," — said Hawks.

According to the deputy, the 270-year-old elm tree was the only one in the central district of the capital monument of nature, while his status was confirmed by the decision of the Government of Moscow in June 2012. Rested under a tree, Alexander Pushkin, Ivan Bunin, whose house is next.

"According to the law, to remove a monument of nature, it is necessary to submit the decision of Moscow Mayor of Moscow City Duma, a lot of procedures, the last of which — to inform residents of a large shield for ten days," — said Hawks.

Meanwhile, according to the regulations of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Moscow on February 6, available to the RIA Novosti, the cause of the tree cutting that is larger in girth is about 1.2 meters, was "100% shrinkage and loss of decoration."

RIA Novosti has not yet commented Department.

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