Necromancy — the secret behind seven seals

— Corin — snapped hanging — you have strong nerves?
— A? Where does my nerves .. In general, do not complain.
Hover removed from his forehead strap. Gem attached to it, nalilsya milky sheen. She stood over the body, arms outstretched, eyes closed. Corinne stared, open-mouthed. She bowed her head and whispered something he did not understand.
— Grealhan! — Shouted hover.
Fern suddenly stirred. Corinne jumped, grabbed the sword, prepare a defense. Corpse trembled.
— Grealhan! Speak!
— Ah-ah-ah-ah! — Came from a fern growing hoarse howl. Corpse arched and rose into the air, only touching the ground with his heels and head. Howling broke, went to a secluded muttering broken moans and screams. Corina's back crawled cold trickle of sweat.
— Oggg … NNNN … nnngarrr … — Muttered corpse, tore up the ground nails, blood bubbles gurgled on his lips. — Narre … eee …
— Speak!
Of outstretched hands hovering sprayed misty ray of light, it swirled dust. Of ferns soared dry leaves and twigs. Corpse choked, and suddenly zahlyupal clearly said …

What is necromancy?

"Today, this concept is put a much wider meaning than in the past. Nowadays necromancers called everyone using dead human bodies or their parts to perform some magic acts. Originally necromancy was much more narrowly focused

"If you're familiar with the basics of the occult or other similar exercises, describing the processes occurring to a person after death, you see, that the rite of necromancy against public law. Because everything happens? When a person dies, the physical body remains on the ground, but another of his body — Astral — a copy of the physical, but created from a thin, invisible material — rises into the mysterious underworld. Soul eventually rises to even higher levels, leaving the astral body as a corpse in the astral plane. Just as the physical body stores yourself enough vitality to for some time after the death of his growing nails and hair, astral corpse also has a spark of life. His is the irresistible desire to come back to life, and it will suck human blood and energy in order to prolong its existence for as long as possible. on this fact and are based spiritualism and mediumship

But for all that dead bodies are not needed. Why do they Necromancers? We will try to understand it based on ancient rites. Maybe there a hint at the answer to?

Macabre rituals necromancers

Description necromantic procedures we find in ancient Rome during the reign of Emperor Nero. Someone Sextus Pompey, worried his fate, decides to turn to the dead, to get a prediction about what will happen in the future. The ceremony is a witch Erihto. For the upcoming ceremony Erihto requires fresh body with well-preserved lungs to his speech was distinct and clear. Such a body is found a witch. Erihto reveals chest dead man and pours into his veins a mixture of warm menstrual blood, foam mad dogs innards trot hump hyenas, eats human flesh, the old snake skin and plant leaves, which she previously spat. This disgusting cocktail is designed to inject poison into the corpse vitality. Then begins a witch casting a spell. Erihto encourages different spirits that would help her make a ritual. After spells spirit appears, part of a dead body. Blood gradually warms and begins to flow through the veins start to breathe easy, muscles contract, and the dead man stands up, pale and tense. It answers the questions asked by Pompey, after which rewarded that his body was burned, and the spirit freed forever from witchcraft.

But the description of the ritual of the medieval European necromancy, accomplished American scholar R. Cavendish, "During the nine days before the ceremony, the necromancer and his team are preparing for it, surrounding himself with an aura of death. They dress up in musty shrouds taken from the dead, and carry them to the end of the ceremony. Put on them, they speak to the dying themselves. They did not look at women. Eat dog meat and black bread baked without yeast and salt, and drink grape juice. All is full of deep symbolism. A dog is a creature of Hecate, the goddess of ghosts, death and infertility, terrible and relentless darkness dweller, which can be called only turned away, because no one is able to stay sane, for once he saw her. The absence of salt — a symbol of decomposition after death, because salt is a preservative. Bread without yeast and grape juice are considered pure and is a matter devoid of the spirit, the flesh without a spark of life.

With the preliminary rituals magician is a special trance state. When ready, the wizard goes to the grave between midnight and one o'clock at night. Around the tomb of the magic circle is drawn. Aides hold torches and burn the magical mixture composed of henbane, hemlock, aloe, saffron, opium and mandrake. Then they break open the grave and the coffin. Magician touches the corpse three times a magic wand, to bring him up. However, he casts a spell:

"Power of the Holy Resurrection and torment the damned, I conjure and command you, the spirit of the deceased (name), to respond to my order and on pain of eternal damnation to obey the sacred ceremonies. Verald, Veroald, Valvin, Gab, Gabor, Aqaba, arise, arise, I urge you and command you. "

Then the magician puts the corpse head to the east, toward the rising sun, with its arms and legs in the shape of the cross. Next to the right hand is placed a dish with wine and sweet butter and mixture is ignited. Magician conjures the spirit back into his body and say "by the power of the Holy Resurrection of Christ's incarnation and body in the world", and in fear of "anguish and thrice seven years of wandering that force sacred magic rites can I bring to you."

Once the spell is repeated three times, the spirit returns to his old body, and it begins to rise slowly until it takes a vertical position. Weak monotone spirit answers to questions asked by the magician. Then the magician rewards spirit, giving him rest and peace. It destroys the body by burning it or burying it in lime to continue, no one could disturb him or cause through witchcraft.

How seriously should treat all these stories? We turn first to the opinion of the church. The Catholic Encyclopedia reads:

"The Church does not deny that a special permission of God, the souls of the dead may be alive and report previously unknown information. But perceived as the art and science of calling the dead, necromancy is regarded by theologians as the scope of the evil forces. "

Today, however, cautions the church in some places not to cross the river that divides our and the other world, few people stopped. Curiosity and ambition are stronger.

Such rituals describe many researchers studying African and Haitian voodoo, shamanism, Native American and Siberia. If the most modern means of resuscitation can man back to life after a maximum of a few tens of minutes after death, voodoo priests speak about ten days, the shamans of Siberia — the seven, North American Indians and the tribes of New Guinea — about six.

That's the thing, we still poorly studied the mechanism of death. Us this sad act seems very fleeting, but in reality it is extended in time, and the person can be brought back to life after hours and even days after it found dead. Here is the secret of necromancy — the soul, for the time migrated to the astral plane, returns to the body and tells the magician information that was there — in the subtle world. But everything else — just tinsel, giving ceremony theatrical entertainment.

But no matter what we talked about and whatever reasoned mystery necromancy remains an enigma. This is — the fact.

Victor Potapov

Category: Mystery and Mysticism

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