North Korea: a hungry stomach got the best of a nuclear fist

Immediately after the "great catastrophe of the North Korean people," the death of Kim Jong Irina on December 17 last year, the world is talking about is that the new North Korean favorite Kim Jong-un can completely sacrifice the principles of his father. As long as the North Korean citizens continued to mourn the departure of the Supreme leader, the changes in the top leadership of the country is already brewing. And long overdue … So much so that in less than 3 months from the date Kim 3rd joined as head of North Korea, and it has already been enticed to qualify from the South American reviews of the Municipal Department of …

North Korea: a hungry stomach got the best of a nuclear fist

The fact is that North Korea nearly all of a sudden, and for anyone and completely predictable due to the personality of the new favorite of the country, has decided not to pursue the path of future development programs from its own nuclear. Enclosed is a clear deal: we (theDPRK) Arrive for a moratorium on the testing of ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons, and you (the U.S.) for this send us 240 thousand tons of food goods, medicines and other democratic means with colorful labels. In this case, requests from Kim Jong-un to the United States over the food supply DPRK were made in January 2012.

Something that could not be achieved by DPRK over the years, it happened in an instant. This is the question of the role of personality in history. For a number of years as a six-sided commission, which tried to bring North Korea to the realization that "you can not live so on." West stubbornly called this country among those who forms the "axis of evil." Neighbors (South Korea, Japan and China), to put it mildly, is not remembered as the good word of the Kim Jong Irene and all those who stand for the protection of his interests. But after the middle of the 2000s, North Korea declared itself among the full members of the nuclear club, things to it from "all progressive democratic humanity" obviously have gained critical negative point. Those South Koreans are so panicked that already at least some of the outbreak DPRK announces the following test of the North Korean nuclear weapons, although such tests, the North Koreans officially recognize only two.

And then came the day when his main speech was delivered not proud North Korean intelligence, and an empty stomach. Above that can be endlessly ironic, but in fact the situation in North Korea is not conducive to the drama, at least, to judge the economic performance of the country. If you believe the official statistics, but now as an annual GDP per capita North Korea is one of the poorest countries in Asia. This level is a little more than 1,700 U.S. dollars. These characteristics are similar to that of other Asian countries — Bangladesh, in which hunger and related diseases killed hundreds of thousands of people a year. For comparison: the annual rate of GDP in China — $ 4300 in South Korea — almost 28 thousand dollars, in the Land of the Rising Sun — $ 34,000.

Because economic hardship in North Korea just do not look serious, but really scary. Certainly, in the most severe crisis of such criteria could continue to "bend the world" for themselves, but, apparently, the new management of North Korea's few other sights on the subsequent development.

By the way, after Kim Jong-un has officially requested food aid from the United States, many here have seen him in action a betrayal standards father — Kim Jong Irina. But we should not forget the fact that Kim Jong Il himself has often been obliged to respond to help both from the U.S. and from the Land of the Rising Sun, South Korea, Russia and China. In 1995, Japan fully set free in Pyongyang almost 150 thousand tons of grain. And in just one in 1999 North Korea received from the United Nations more than 700 thousand tons of grain. Helped North Korea, of course, waiting for loyalty to himself and the United States. But Kim Jong Il was Kalach grated: help perceived, but turn away from the task to strengthen the security of the country was going. This caused at the time the next round of harsh conflicts between Washington and Pyongyang, after this proud and independent North Koreans have decided not to simply cut back on the outer help, and in general to reduce it to zero. Over the years, finding at the helm of power in the United States George W. Bush's food supply to the DPRK inexorably going down. Rising oil prices caused by the country's economy once powerful blow. But nuclear programm continued to be implemented in all the forces of North Korea.

But with such a surplus of nuclear and economic disadvantage and got the reins in his hands, Kim Jong-un. And in front of him, as it became clear risen difficult problem to show its own people and the world focus on strengthening security, or simply feed the North Koreans. It would seem that we can strive for and to one, and to another, but not in the current state of North Korea …

All setback for Kim's Third may lie in the fact that he was feeding the American people through humanitarian aid, may forever lose the support inside the country, and at the same time not to become a friend of the West: in the middle of someone else's own, and do not own the midst of others … of course that many North Koreans will not forgive favorite newcomer that he specifically asked for help from the Yankees. But the Americans, putting forward the conditions of the ban on testing nuclear weapons, can fully celebrate a victory over another regime.

Following such developments, North Korea may recall Russia beginning of the 1990s, when a chewing gum and worn jeans in the presence of American observers ordinary grinder cut into pieces of strategic bombers and other elements of the Russian nuclear shield. Factories producing arms for the army and navy began to produce strainers and skimmers on the South American grants.

Apparently, the new favorite of Korean made their own choices, and supporters and enemies who lack both inside North Korea itself, and beyond. Words of support for the decision of Kim Jong-un expressed in Washington, Seoul, Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo, Brussels and in other global capitals. Would also like to join these words, because being established peace process and the confidence in the Korean peninsula, but still … And the sediment remains sediment does not matter what the new favorite DPRK decided to forgo ephemeral principles of their predecessors, but from the fact that North Korea may repeat a sad way our country in the last decade of the last century.

Unless specifically on this course and is about to go, Kim Jong-un, the next step is — an issue of vouchers under the control of signs to Western companies and import Soros books about "true" history of the DPRK.

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