North Korea conducted a launch of a ballistic missile near actions

PNorth Korea conducted a launch of a short-range ballistic missiles According to "Interfax", referring to the media South Korea, on Mon DPRK held start operational-tactical ballistic missile.

This information was confirmed by a representative of the South Korean government. And, as reported by TV South Korea, said the launch took place on the east coast of the country.

Based on the presentation of the authorities of South Korea launch totally unrelated to the news of the death of Kim Jong Irina. In addition, it has been carried out when the official announcement about this has not happened.

It should be noted that December 17 (2011) died favorite DPRK during their own tour of the country. For information about his death came just day or two later, on Mon (19 December). Cause of death, as stated, has become acute heart deficit late stage in totality with myocardial infarction. The funeral of the deceased Kim Jong Irina scheduled for December 28 and will be held in Pyongyang. The successor favorite appointed Kim Jong Un — his youngest son.

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