North Korea has led the army on alert

North Korea has led the army on alert

Pyongyang gave artillery troops in full alert in the event that South Korea will hold a planned target practice in the area of yellowish sea, reports "Rosbalt".

Previously, it was clear that Seoul has canceled military exercises on the peninsula of Yeonpyeong. Pyongyang said that the effects of artillery exercises will be a tragedy. It should be noted that the Russian authorities urged South Korea and the United States to refrain from the planned firing yellowish sea.

Nov. 23 North Korean artillery produced about 20 volleys on Yeonpyeong island. As a result, shelling killed four people. Seoul responded to anger 80 volleys. Immediately after which the government of Lee Myung-bak has been criticized by the opposition, who said that the response to the shelling by North Korea has been uncoordinated and unhurried.

According to RIA announcements, now began a critical meeting of the UN Security Council on the situation on the Korean peninsula. The meeting was organized by the initiative of Moscow avenue. Representatives of North Korea and South Korea are not involved. Our homeland invited to bring a special envoy to both countries to resolve the crisis.
Army DPRK Refer to combat readiness — "Rosbalt", 19.12.2010
The UN Security Council
Our homeland convenes a critical meeting of the UN Security Council on the Korean Peninsula
Pentagon vyznat on losses DPRK When shelling of South Korea

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