North Korea has warned that its missiles could reach U.S.

North Korea has warned that its missiles could reach U.S.

North Korea warned his enemy, in case they do not get angry to hide from the North Korean long-range missiles directly to areas of the United States, passed on Tuesday, the South Korean agency Yonhap.

"Within an act of revolutionary relics, including the strategic missile forces," North Korea cites Agency Statement a representative of the North Korean Ministry of Defense, are not only South Korea and placed in her South American military bases, but also Japan, Guam, and the peninsula even a U.S. territory.

This statement was a response to Pyongyang's consent nedavneshnee Yankees allow the South Korean armed forces to increment its own range missiles from 300 to 800 km.

In response to this, as threatened in Pyongyang, North Korea's army and people "hundredfold strengthen state of alert" and will feel the "real taste of the war, which did not yet know the world and how it was impossible to imagine for themselves."

Yonhap news agency notes that referred to in the statement of the representative of the military department DPRK strategic missile forces are based in the county Kangdong near Pyongyang. Today's manager Kim Jong-un visited there on March 3 this year, after examining "strategic Rocket headquarters. "

U.S. DPRK technically at war since 1953, when it signed a ceasefire agreement at the end of three-year Korean War. Recognizing as the country's only legitimate Republic Korea, The United States shall be removed from diplomatically relations and signing of peace with North Korea, keeping to the south of the Korean Peninsula, about 28 thousand soldiers.

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