North Korea pulls tanks to the border with South Korea

North Korea pulls tanks to the border with South Korea

North Korea increment up to 200 million the number of troops special units are also slung tank battalions and increase military strength on the border with South Korea.

In the puzzles specially trained personnel will go conduct sabotage and destabilization of the situation in the country's southern neighbor while disabling the main objects of the country. Such information is contained in a report posted today South Korean Defense Ministry.

Published every two years multipage report is designed to reflect the configuration of the Ministry of Defense in the military policy DPRK, Movement and military buildup northern neighbor. So, for 2010. Pyongyang has expanded the number of military special forces by 20 thousand in comparison with the index of 2008. (At 180 thousand). In addition, across the border of the demilitarized zone of the Korean People's Army launched a large part of its own 13 thousand 600 artillery pieces, ready at any moment to join the battle.

To the limits are tightened evenly and tank battalions, which include improved machine with more firepower and mobility overstated in comparison with ordinary tanks DPRK.

Obviously, not bypassed and report more severe hazard, which has the Korean People's Army — a nuclear weapon. According to the Defense Ministry of South Korea, Pyongyang wants to complete its nuclear program from the fact, that in case of need to be able to use this type of weapon of mass destruction.

But military analysts are of the same world view, that the real threat of use of nuclear weapons as the military invasion of the south, at the present time seem unlikely. Part of a deterrent there are 28.5 thousand U.S. troops stationed on the territory of South Korea, as Washington's assurances that the U.S. will not leave Seoul alone with its northern adversary.

Recall the case between North and South Korea deteriorated to the maximum when the artillery DPRK November 23, 2010. shelled the South Korean peninsula Yeonpyeong. In response, the troops of the Republic of Korea raised into the air fighters and opened fire from self-propelled howitzers. In Pyongyang, saying that the firing was started because the Navy of South Korea to conduct exercises near the border, North Korea shelled the area. Seoul insists that DPRK first opened fire.

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