North Korea threatens sacred nuclear war

North Korea threatens 'sacred' nuclear warPyongyang again harshly criticized Seoul for conducting military exercises near the border 2-countries and expressed readiness to start at any moment "holy war" with the introduction of nuclear weapons. It is reported by the state news agency of North Korea KCNA. Earlier, the authorities are now North Korea has criticized South Korea plans to hold military exercises, but then refrained from threats.

"In response to deliberate zeal opponents to push the situation to the armed conflict, our revolutionary forces are prepared at any moment to start a holy war with the introduction of nuclear deterrence" — KCNA quoted the head of the Ministry of People's Armed Forces, Vice Marshal Kim Yong Chun.

Pyongyang has made a strong statement after the South Korean army in 40 minutes graduate military exercises with live fire, which took place near the border with North Korea. The maneuvers were developed 30 km south of the demilitarized zone (DMZ) between North and South, participated in their 800 personnel, six combat aircraft, helicopters, missiles, tanks and antitank missile systems.

Most large-scale exercises in the history of South Korea began in the Sea of Japan yesterday, December 22, but the Southerners began live-fire now. It was reported earlier that the maneuvers will take place over 3 days. South Military Korea, conducting these exercises on the other side of the Korean peninsula, they want to show that they are ready "to at least what surprises DPRK in unexpected places. "

The situation on the Korean Peninsula remains tense after shooting 2-sides on November 23 near the island of Yeonpyeong in the yellowish sea. As a result, the fall of the peninsula a few 10 s shells, killing two civilians and two marines. Seoul insists that northerners were the first to shoot, they, in turn, said the turnaround. Since then, South Korea regularly conducts military exercises near the border DPRK.

So, last Mon South Korean military, despite the appeal of the Russian Federation to abandon the exercise, conducted naval combat-shooting near Yeonpyeong. As later transferred to KCNA, the authorities DPRK considered superfluous "to respond each time to military provocations," although previously threatened harsh retaliation for the planned maneuvers.

It should be noted that the true time DPRK conducted two nuclear tests. Experts believe that the supplies of low-enriched uranium in the country for quite a minimum of 6 — 12 nuclear warheads.

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