Obviously, but inexplicably

On our planet, there are places where there are different miracles, but a man simply inexplicable things happen. Such places are called mystical. It is here that there is a clear presence of something beyond, not necessarily bad, just in the places people begin to experience unusual sensations, emotional ups, downs unmanaged.

Typically, this is the point at which there is no time in centers of ancient cultures and civilizations. They are usually associated with ancient legends.

On a planet many such places, there they are in the Ukraine.

Let's try to shed any light on them, as well as the mysterious phenomena occurring in them.

The vast majority of these zones, one way or another connected with religion — with sketes monks from the laurels, the churches. According to many priests, our ancestors knew some special places where they built temples.

Although actually, it's not a secret. But we are, unfortunately, a long lost skill, and our modern scholars such wonderful places for a long time do not open. But that's another story that conversation goes.

And the fact that such mystical corners — this is not a figment of imagination of impressionable people strongly agree even pragmatic psychologists. According to them, of course, there are places with a certain very special power, which can be positive: and then the people will be all sorts of miracle cures, they will quickly heal wounds and negative: and then in these areas occur terrible accident, committed suicide, people simply can break legs, etc.

Gradually these phenomena begin to grow into the mysteries or legends, and popular rumor they finally embellishing, not forgetting to exaggerate. And as a result we get a mystical place, but quite real and warrantable. Yes, such phenomena still more prone to sensitive, emotional people, and self-hypnosis plays a role, but the facts — something indisputable.

In 2002, the year of the spring in the Carpathians on the outskirts of the village Chinadievo several loggers felled beech forest. Suddenly, in the trunk of one of the long-term a thick beech, about 130 centimeters thick, the saw stopped. The employee immediately ran after the other, but when the work was restored, this saw also jammed. The same thing happened with the third saw. At last, with great difficulty, managed to cut down a tree, but when two days foresters began to saw wood, the …

From the stories of the village heads were cut into logs meter deck and then split the firewood. All parts of the ill-fated tree quickly split, but one part is not budge. Wood stick up, scored in his wedges, nothing, even wedges pull failed. Many hours of torment have failed and the men, in desperation, have left the tree and wanted to leave. But suddenly it has itself fallen and fractured. Inside, people saw a miracle: the cross of regular shape with a clear amount established for church crosses: 30h15 see edges of the cross is so clear, as if baked. At first, the image of the cross, as fresh wound, it was a light pink color, but eventually faded, as if healed. The deck can in no carpentry processing, if God does not want that.

Foresters who believe the incident sign of God, put half a pack of eighty centimeters long in salary and sent to a local church.

And since then, the cross hundreds of pilgrims flock. It is believed that if you look at this wonder and ask for health and happiness to your loved ones and yourself, you are sure to get.

Father Basil, rector of the local church, said the incident or natural phenomenon, or a warning to us humans. If people could understand that they wanted to tell this wonderful tree, the world was definitely a lot better, but the "miracle" did not happen ", and people have not learned to understand the language of nature …

The official church about this finding does not provide any explanation as to remain silent and visiting scholars from Kiev, among them Yuri Petrov, head of the Department of Botany at the University of Uzhgorod.

He has a pragmatic approach. Although the unambiguous conclusion is still no, but biologists believe that such a "picture" of the tree could cause any fungal disease, or education. Incidentally, the beech tree is one of the most common species in the region.

Other interesting case occurred in a nearby village in the village of Birch same Transcarpathia.

Local, physical education teacher and a deeply religious man, when harvesting of firewood for the winter, came across a silhouette of a cross. God's will cross was not damaged, but no signs of anything outside of this wonderful "stuffing" in the trunk. And this time there were two silhouettes, they were on both halves of the split logs, and deep enough.

Surprisingly and inexplicably, but for some obvious reasons only God, such crosses have been found in several other trees that grow within this diocese: in the village of pear, in Isa-Karputlashe, coal, Lipcsei.

If you go even deeper into history, in place Chinadievo village, which was discovered the first cross, in 1200's by the Hungarian settlement was St. Nicholas, Hungarian St. Miklos, and only then to the land transferred perenskomu tycoon who builds them defensive fortress. Who knows what was going on in the castle, and how it had a deep underground. History is silent about it. But believers have no doubt that the appearance of crosses in their diocese is no accident: it is material evidence of fervent prayers of their ancestors — the Christians.

Father Basil believes that the crosses do not appear by accident, it is likely that this is — God's sign, warning us of the coming disaster. And that is the sign of the cross was not shared by all the crosses you have to gather in one church.

In 2012, in the city of Sumy region Romny cruciform silhouette was found on a tree stump in the yard of the hospital care in the control room on the old chestnut.

By the way, in the courtyard of the hospital during the war housed a German field hospital, and dying Germans buried there next. After the liberation of Romney this burial was moved to another place, but, according to some, the phenomenon of the cross is directly related to these historical facts.

In 2002, the district Mashevsky in Poltava in the village Starichivka on a section of the ordinary pear tree appeared the image of the Virgin. The media about this miracle the press service of Poltava diocese. In May, the villagers Litovchenko family drew attention to a fresh cut on the old pear tree, which clearly could see the silhouette of a woman holding a baby in her arms.

With the blessing of Archbishop Philip Mirgorodskogo and Poltava in a few days for a closer study of this phenomenon in the left Starichivku official diocesan commission, headed by Secretary of the Diocese of Archimandrite Filaret (Zverev).

After the examination, the commission did not man-made miracle confirmed the absolute image on the cut and thus confirmed its apparent similarity to the icon-painting depicting the Holy Virgin.

After inspection pear head of the commission — Archimandrite Filaret solemnly celebrated a prayer service.

It took several years, but since then has become the holy image is even more marked, and its contours are even more pronounced. Diocese continues constant and close observation of further changes in the contours of the image.

And it seems this is not an isolated phenomenon, too: in the Ivano-Frankivsk region in the village of Maly Gvozdets already ash appeared again, it is very similar to the Mother of God.

Initially, the old trees near the well appeared very strange build-up of moss, and after a while suddenly had enough clear image.

Now this wonderful ash became a place of pilgrimage, where every day comes more faithful. And all of them, young and old are trying to touch the image, believing that it will heal. Around the ash are always flowers and candles.

Although the official church does not comment on the phenomenon, but for unknown reasons the priests worship the tree on a daily basis.

These were the facts, and the conclusions that each of us will do it, and only for himself.

A person who believes in God's signs, may explain the fact that the Lord sends signs, skeptic would say that this is a beautiful set of circumstances, an atheist would imply fraud and forgery.

Well, maybe all of them in their own right, but the crosses there is, and who knows how many more hidden under the bark of other trees.

No one knows their nature as that from which they came, but the fact that the cross is personified God's presence in these places, and a reminder of the pure and deep faith — a fact. And who knows why God has marked its sign is Transcarpathia …?

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