Oil supplies stopped. Another step of the Kremlin?

From 1 January 2011, Russian companies have stopped the supply of oil to Belarusian refineries. They propose to increase the price of hydrocarbons for Belarus for $ 45 per ton.

In the State Concern "Belneftekhim" explained that oil supplies to Belarus discontinued due to lack of contracts. A spokesman of the State Concern "Belneftekhim" Marina Kastsyuchenka announced the continuation of the negotiations with the Russian side.

"It's a common thing ended Year ended one contract begins. Due to the fact that the big Christmas holidays in Russia, these negotiations are not over yet. Talks with entities owned raw materials. Continuing contract campaign."

According to Russia's "Kommersant", in December last year, the parties failed to reach an agreement, and contracts for 2011 have not been concluded. Prices for approval and signing contracts negotiators have about 10 days. Earlier, the head of "Belneftekhim" Valery Kazakevitch said that the stock of raw materials at Belarusian refineries will last for 20 days work. According to the agreements that were reached before the presidential elections, Moscow has promised to deliver to the Belarusian refineries duty-free oil. Instead, the official Minsk had to give to the Russian budget all duties on petroleum products. This fee is half the oil. It was assumed that Belarus to save it $ 1-2 billion. However, Russian oil companies have proposed to increase the price of oil to Belarus for $ 45 per ton. This will ensure rovnadahodnasts supplies to Russian and Belarusian refineries. In Russian companies confirm that the supply of oil, but does not comment on the reasons for this. A representative of "Transneft" Igor Demin said his company is ready to pump the required volumes:

January 1, no oil for the domestic market of Belarus does not arrive …

"As far as I know, the price is not agreed between the providers and consumers of oil. I certify that on January 1, no oil for the domestic market of Belarus does not arrive. Transit of oil goes. No relation to this situation will increase the cost of prapampovvannya not have."

According to the agency Prime-TASS the principle of equal deliveries agreed with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin, which is on vacation until January 14.

The head of the analytical center "Strategy" Leonid Zaika believes that the suspension of oil — it really is the Kremlin's initiative. Although the increase in the price of oil for Belarus "tolerant":

Leonid Zaika

"I think it's the next move cleanly against Lukashenko. His nature is not yet visible. Apparently, Alexander G. saw the victim of December 19, all of its innovative work on finding the perpetrators of the candidates. Now it's all turned against him. So it Another step of the Kremlin. "

According to the expert of the Russian company RusEnergy Michael Krutikhin, it is a purely commercial dispute.

"It will be a big wave of propaganda in Belarus, where he again will play up the idea of getting oil from Venezuela, and so on. Eventually a compromise negotiations end."

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