Old Gods — stellar newcomers

In the vast jungles of South America in Brazil lives a small tribe of Indians kayyapo In 1952, an expedition of British scientists who have been to those places, said the unusual religious cult natives.

In the ancient Indian tradition speaks of a mysterious creature that "once there was a settlement kayyapo." Aborigines call it Bel Kororoti. The mysterious stranger was wearing a "Bo," a suit that covers him from head to toe. In the hands of Bel Kororoti had "cop", "weapons of thunder." When this creature came into the village, the people hid. Only a few brave souls tried to attack a stranger, but they were not able to cause at least some harm "messenger of heaven."

Their clubs and spears falls apart when someone managed to touch the "bo". Bel Kororoti was "good god." To demonstrate its power to people, he raised "cop — weapons of thunder", sent him to a tree, and it has turned into dust, sent him on a rock, and he crumbled Bel Kororoti stayed in the village and I was there for many years. He taught people to consider, showed how to heal the wounds, improved methods of hunting and brought many changes in the life of the tribe.

However, hunting with the others, he never "ate food kayyapo" After a while, "the messenger of heaven" married a girl from the tribe, and soon Bep Kororoti had children. Tradition notes that new kayyapo were much smarter than other people. Bep Kororoti made sure that the knowledge he passed on to the tribe, not lost. To do this, he "gathered a few young people and taught them all kinds of tricks."

One day a messenger went to heaven on a high mountain to climb with her to heaven. Almost all of the tribe followed him to carry out his benefactor. Bep Kororoti went up the mountain, where the "cloud came down to it, there was thunder and lightning flashed." The "burning cloud" Bep Kororoti disappeared in the sky high above …

Aborigines did not forget his "teacher." To our times the Indians remained kayyapo holiday in honor of "God Bep Kororoti." Indians weave palm leaves funeral clothes, which symbolize the image of the deity, his suit "Bo." Kayyapo dress in them and dance. In the hands of the dancers keep the palm sticks, which represent the mysterious weapon Kororoti Bep — "cop." According to researchers, ritual clothing Indians strikingly resemble modern space suits.

No less interesting is the legend of another tribe of Brazilian Indians — tupanimba. They speak of the mighty God of Mo-Nana, who created the universe and man. According to the legends of the tribe, the god Monan lived in those days among people who revered him. But then people started to "live not by precepts Mona" Angry God went to heaven "in the huge sparkling cloud of fire" and decided from there to punish people for their sins. He is sent to Earth "heavenly fire" that destroyed all the people. Only one person spared Monan. His name was Ira-Mare, and he was pardoned for the "great reverence" deity. Once the fire ceased to rage, took Erin-Mare to wife one of the daughters Mona and descended to earth to continue the human race.

Another small tribe of South America, living on the banks of the Hingham (tributary of the Amazon), in the legends that have come down to our times, says the amazing information on the history of mankind. According to legend, in ancient times, people lived "on a distant star." Once assembled all the inhabitants of the stars in the council to select a new location one of the "Indians" told his brothers about the beautiful planet on which he was able to visit one day, passing through the "hole" in the sky. After his message board made the decision to move to Earth. The entire population of stars took to weave of cotton thread, on which they had to slow down to Earth. Soon, most of the "Indians" moved. However, the new inhabitants of the Earth by the mysterious threads were constantly in touch with the star of his remaining brothers. But the evil demon cut the thread, and the "Indians" was never more able to meet with their "star relatives"

Tales of African people, thousands of miles from America, also tell us about the events, surprisingly reminiscent of the legend of Brazilian Indians. In African mythology says that in ancient times, "children of God lived with his father in heaven in the world, wealth and happiness." But one day God decided to test their children and sent them to Earth, forbidding "is salt of the earth." Later, "children of God" from the heavens on a thread that wove them to his father. But almost all the children have forgotten the covenant of her father and tasted salt. When they decided to go up again to heaven, the thread broke, and they were forced to stay on Earth forever. Only one of the sons of the covenant fulfilled his father and returned safely to heaven.

Japanese, Chinese, Mongolian and Tibetan myths also tell us about the "sons of heaven", which are descended from the heavens SA "I still live in the world. Tradition extremely similar, which suggests that they all describe the actual events that took place in immemorial.

Anthropologists from different countries suggest that "primitive people" tend to take them for gods more advanced nations and to imitate what they see. History knows many examples when the missionaries, conquerors, explorers and ordinary people have been taken in various tribes of the gods and higher beings. The most striking example — is the Spanish conquistadors, where local tribes considered gods and initially did not resist the invaders. In 1871, the Russian explorer Maclay landed on the shores of New Guinea. The locals took it to the Supreme God Tamo Anuti that "together with other white gods descended from the Moon on a beautiful divine vessel."

And in 1945, on a small island Vivak, near New Guinea, there was a weird religious cult. For a long time the natives watched various aircraft that landed on their island, and again takes to the skies. When the island airport has been moved to another location and the aircraft stopped on the fly Vivak, the natives began tinkering huge model airplanes out of straw, hoping that the "heavenly bird will fly again."

Dutch military, while based at one of the islands of New Guinea, have noted a surprising feature of natives. After watching for a while for the people, they were constructed of straw and leaves the radio station. Aborigines were talking to each other using microphones wooden, carved wooden antenna and helmets that are worn on the head, twisted leaves in the form of capacitors.

These examples show that primitive peoples copy incomprehensible to them techniques and tools more developed nations, which is taken as the various gods or ancestors returned from the point of view of anthropologists, sociologists, and anthropologists, there is no doubt in the fact that in ancient times, people have also taken over gods of some creatures, copying with their clothes as possible, facilities, and behavior. Who were these mysterious aliens visited Earth in ancient times, science can not answer.

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