Old iron pipes in China

The end of the 20th, beginning of the 21th century. Amazing archaeological discoveries, mysterious artifacts, fragments missing the great civilizations of antiquity incredible testimony of humanity increasingly scientists give birth to a dead end.

In 2002, a group of Chinese archaeologists went to the north-west of the country in the desert outback Province Cong Hai. The aim of the expedition was to study the strange finds from nomadic shepherds in the mountain Baygongshan.

At the site they found three entrances into the mountain. Two of them have long collapsed, and the third is in a shallow cave. The entrance is located at a height of two meters above the ground. The walls of the cave are very smooth, as if specially ground. Local residents believe that the mountain Baygongshan — the remains of structures created by an unknown ancient civilization. And it's easy to believe.

At the far end of the cave wall stands iron rusted pipe. Its diameter is 40 cm One pipe goes into the ground. The floor of the cave see only the upper part. Total archaeologists found 12 pipes embedded in the mountain. All of them are vertical. But who and what was able to build such a complex system of pipes?

In the rock, about 80 meters from the mountain salt lake located Toson. On the bank of rocks and sandy soil, stick the same iron pipes. But with a smaller diameter from 2 to 10 cm pipes exist in the lake. But the most amazing thing is that in spite of the sandy soil, no pipe is not blocked from the inside. No explanation for this phenomenon.

For research was taken a few fragments of mysterious pipes. By chemical analysis, scientists have come to confusion. It turned out that the age of iron pipes more than 40 thousand years. The material from which they are made, consists of 30% iron oxide, a significant amount of silicon dioxide and calcium oxide. 8% of the material, part of the pipe is generally not identify.

All this seems improbable. But it is absolutely clear that the iron pipes were created at a time when humanity is not only did not have this kind of technology development, but also did not work metals. What part of the installation, created thousands of years ago, is a pipe? Perhaps the answer to this question and will not be found.

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