Omsk, Tyumen and Yamal will solve the problem of shallowing of the Irtysh

Governor of Omsk and Tyumen regions and the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District will establish a working group to address the problem of shallowing of the Irtysh River, which flows through these areas, the government reported the Omsk region on Friday.

The regional government in the past, the construction of hydroelectric Omsk, which should alleviate the problem of shallowing of the river and raise the level of 1.5-2 meters. Freight traffic on the water between the Omsk region and Kazakhstan stopped about five years ago because of the strong shoaling of the Irtysh. In addition, low water levels prevent removal of fuel from the Omsk oil refinery in the northern region of the country. Waterworks must ensure normal conditions for navigation, improve health and ecological status of the river. It is planned that construction will be completed by 2014. Hydroelectric complex will be located near the village of Red Hill, at 1813 km from the mouth of the Irtysh River. The total cost of the project — 9.3 billion rubles.

"Right now, 30% of the processing of the Omsk refinery is in the North. If not take any action (against shoaling), respectively, may stop the supply of the north. Because it's a very serious question lowering rivers. This problem must be solved in the near future" — said at a meeting of regional leaders the governor of Omsk region, Viktor Nazarov was quoted as saying in a statement.

The report noted that the decline in river water has a negative impact on the economy and ecology of the region, reduces terms of navigation, complicating the implementation of Northern Delivery. In addition, the shallowing of the Irtysh leads to a decrease in river supplies products Omsk enterprises north. In the end, the participants agreed to establish a joint working group that will develop the concept of raising the water level in the river. It is assumed that the concept will include projects to build dams on the Irtysh and the dredging of the channel.

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