On the dangers of African masks

My companion was called Viktor, a retired colonel himvoysk, the liquidators of the Chernobyl accident. His behavior, the ability to behave, a special army to present specific events — everything indicates that this person is simply unable to dream, fantasize and even more so smoothly that in his stories can safely write an exciting artistic novel.

Down-to-earth person — what could be there! No offense to him will be discussed. "Here you write on your website different amazing stories. But I was much more strange!" — He said in a conversation with our correspondent. And Viktor told …

— It was in July 1986, the same Chernobyl. Damned year. I had just been a captain, a company commander. And threw our company in the very thick of Chernobyl — in Slavutych. Residents who were moved en masse then where. Part of our stationed in Zhytomyr region, just in Ovruch district, just a few dozen kilometers from Chernobyl. 8 Overall, we spent in Slavutych decontamination. Our company deactivated the brand new, just built two years, apartment five-storey building. Tenants evicted long, flat almost empty. Here and there remained any fine furniture or cloth — there stools or mats. We burned them immediately.

A soldier of the Second Platoon, Bob Nesterov from Vologda, the first was in a small one-room apartment, where an old woman lived. Old woman near Kiev evacuated with furniture and wall in a room a few souvenir masks are hanging out the whole property. More of these masks, oval, creepy, with a strange painting, like the letters. African masks, and the real, a Negro magician sculpted, probably. Four mask was, as I remember. I ordered them to burn, but one mask suddenly disappeared somewhere. In the fire flew all three. Flame was impressive. But for some reason did not burn mask, although were made out of a tree.
I had to chop them into pieces, and the sergeant Mikheenko cool his leg with an ax blasted. Earned a deep scratch. But the masks that have chips, burned completely. True, the smoke of which was black-black, like burning tires. About a week, we returned to the location of the culled radiation passed a medical examination, were treated and continue to serve.
As I remember, it was August 8 of that of 1986. I was sleeping at home, I was the political officer of the right middle of the night calls, says coming soon, we have a state of emergency. I instantly ran to the unit. And then it happened. Orderly "on the table" stood near the armory room. He said it was about two in the morning. Then the location of the company, where the beds were soldiers, a cry.

Orderly woke the assistant company and with him rushed to the location.
Turned on the light, and there on the bed Private Nesterov his wheezing, moaning and whispering that his snake strangles. Similar to epilepsy. While the doctor ran to the infirmary, Nesterov and died.

It turns out, he's crying. Clearly, all the commanders of the escape. PE still. Sorry guys, to muster only six months left to him, and now this. And epilepsy had never been. This is the first case. Perhaps the radiation impact. All anything, but just a pathologist doing vskrytire noticed that Nesterov died not from epilepsy, and by mechanical asphyxia and respiratory fracture of the cervical vertebrae. Strangled him, in fact. What happened! Investigators newcomers are a special person.

The interrogation began, the soldiers found no place itself, each of them a dozen times interrogated. One reason NKVD pointed testimony of assistant company, which heard the words of the dying Nesterov that his strangling snake. But attention because another soldier, from Irkutsk, Igor Petrov, insisted that he had seen this same snake, thick so, about three meters long, black, she crawled out from under the radiator and into bed with a sleeping Nesterov crawled.

For a long time he was tormented by NKVD Petrova questions, a few dozen times specifying how the snake looked like. And then some guy to Petrov led, by type scientist. Petrov, and he repeated his description of the snake. I still do not understand why they placed this mysterious snake so much attention. One scientist in a conversation with a special person called snake "totem patron," I well remember the word. They spoke about a cult-people snakes. Then a man came from Moscow, all the way from Moscow State University. A professor. It was he who said that somewhere in the barracks should be hidden "fetish." And what is it, do not say.

No fetish, we have not found, because I do not know what to look for. Nine days after the death of Nesterov we were going to take the bed Nesterov, the soldiers began to roll mattress, and under it was found that same oval African mask, one of four who disappeared during deactivation in Slavutych. Apparently, Nesterov then hid it and carried it to the barracks. I took the find political officer, and he nearly fell off his chair when he saw a miracle. They called our special person, and he immediately called me back to my colleague, who was interested in the snake. This colleague, I saw the mask, ordered everyone to move away from her. A political officer ordered me to wash your hands in some chemical, similar to ammonia, which he brought with him: the mask of this, they say, some impregnated with a solution that causes hallucinations and through the skin into the body penetrates easily, and this chemical to neutralize .

Of course, we washed hands. Mask this with a stranger NKVD took. And with me and with political officer to sign an NDA for some reason, take, for ten years. Why ten? I can not say. And to explain what kind of mask was such, can not either. No I have not told him. But it was all really — I can vouch for it!

Author: V.Kipling
Source: "Interesting newspaper. Oracle" № 3

Category: Mystery and Mysticism

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