On the moon colder


Pluto, devoid of the summer of 2006 from planet status, now lost, and the position of the coldest places in our solar system. According to the British science weekly "New Scientist", the lowest temperature — minus 240 degrees Celsius, just 33 degrees above absolute zero — frozen in craters at the lunar south pole.

Measurements were conducted by the American space agency NASA with an automatic aircraft, which is now in lunar orbit. The area of the moon is always in the dark, since it does not reach up to the rays of the sun.

Previously, the coldest place in our solar system, Pluto was considered, like the ITAR-TASS news agency. In 2006, there was recorded temperature of minus 230 degrees. Already the former planet devoid of this championship.

As the "New Scientist", the latest discovery greatly increases the possibility of finding water on the moon, as the temperatures are extremely low, according to scientists, the pointers to its presence.

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