On the road in Dagestan car rolling down the hill on their own


Driver releases the handbrake — the car is rolling. As such there was nothing unusual, if not direction. The car — with the engine off and without help — going uphill, against all the laws of physics. It seems that the two-ton "Niva" pulls up an inexplicable force.

Magomed Kamilov driver: The first time I drove here, I could not understand what was happening. I thought that the car is something wrong. But it happens every time I go on this site. I do not know what it is — an anomaly or optical illusion, but the car is really rolling on the rise.

Abnormal place on a section of highway in the Buinaksk district of Dagestan locals noticed long ago. Over a kilometer of the road almost anywhere where begins the ascent, you can turn off the engine and watch the amazing phenomenon. Local scientists do not believe in miracles. Because all explain the imperfection of human vision.

Akai Murtaza, Doctor of Physics: This optical effect is known for a long time. On the Georgian Military Road also have a similar place where it seems that the car is moving uphill. But it's just a visual effect.

Despite the verdict of scientists, local people still believe that next to them — something inexplicable anomaly.


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