Once again about vaccinations

But watch the composition of this most Mantoux test: tuberculin (extract of tubercle bacilli), salts of phosphate buffer solution (substances that suppress the virus and tuberculosis make it weaker), sodium chloride (saline) stabilizer Tween-80 (increases the activity of estrogen — female sex hormone, influence long-term effects of this chemical compound have not been studied) phenol as a preservative (one of the strongest cell poisons). Phenol is toxic to all cells. In large doses it can cause convulsions, cardiac and renal failure. Naturally, all the official sources say that the dose of phenol contained in the Mantoux test, is harmless. But I found no references to the research on which to make such a conclusion. There are no studies about whether phenol accumulate in the body (Mantoux do every year). But the known ability of phenol to suppress the immune response, that is, reduce the body's defense against infections. This is to ensure that the body can not respond to the introduction of anaphylactic shock of limiting the amount of harmful substances for him. Apparently, in the case of my oldest daughter, just do not hit the dose. And the results of the increased activity of the female sex hormone — around us: more early puberty and cheeky behavior in women and more and more reduced sexual function in men (similar effects after drinking beer — it is as much fitoanaloga estrogen).
There is harmless or useful vaccines are immune. All vaccines are made up and work on the same principle, they suppress the immune system and contains harmful and toxic ingredients that are alien to the human body. But how can a weakened immune system to develop immunity to the disease? This is the case Mantoux test! But this is not vaccinated, and after it do not form an immunity to the disease, although the virus to vaccinate tuberculosis is strong enough (excess doses only twice, in my case, leads to the disease.) It turns out that the reason for it — stunned the immune system is temporarily unable to create immunity! And if you, God forbid, become disabled due to leaning on the body with weakened immune systems of some disease, you will not be entitled to receive monthly compensation in the amount of 1,000 rubles, which is put only at post-vaccination complications! A Mantoux test is not a vaccine. Here's a bunch of work!

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