Ornithologists call Muscovites set in hot bowls for birds

Help wild birds migrate heat in the Moscow region is possible through the installation of drinkers and kupalok for birds, said a representative of the Russian Bird Conservation Union (accompanied) Elena Zubakina.

"Birds in this year's heat transfer well. It's not the heat, 2010, mass death of wild birds, I hope not. Now birds are killed mainly due to the descent of ponds. Nevertheless, in order to protect wild birds from the ensuing heat You can encourage all indifferent people exhibit, including suburban areas, elementary Drinking and bathing birds, "- said the agency interlocutor.

The heat is in the capital for about a week. On Tuesday, the air in the capital has warmed up to plus 30 degrees. As the anticyclone maintained that position for the next three days will remain sunny and hot weather, but the record heat wave is not expected. On Thursday, meteorologists predict a slight weakening of the heat — up to 26 degrees, and the output will again be very hot.

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