To get out of your physical body etheric, emotional or astral double can cause the following factors: asceticism, fasting, isolation, sexuality and sensuality depression, shock, stress, drugs, prolonged meditation, samogipnoticheskie suggestion, chanting hymns, mantras, vortex dancing dream the awakening of Kundalini.

At first, it will most likely unconscious outputs, but there may be conscious. In the early stages of a thin twin outputs can be heard strange sounds inside the head: crackling, ringing, chirping, clicking, voice, sound, which will eventually turn into a lingering or ringing note. This cacophony usually scares the student if he fails warned. Sprouted astral body can not cause movement in the body. But the etheric body can condense its substance and material impact on the people and objects. Our night dreams — is also unconscious outputs astral bodies.

The astral body is the medium of such phenomena as clairvoyance, spirit flight, telepathy, proscopia, teleportation, knowledge of the past and the future, and others. For example, many discoveries made by scientists in the dream with the astral body. Thomas A. Edison had a habit in the evening draw up a list of questions and have been building up to get the answers you sleep. And often he got what he wanted. The invention of the phonograph, incandescent lamps, power public, improving the telegraph and telephone — this is not a complete list of the discoveries made by Edison of the astral body. In the dream he saw his periodic table of the Russian chemist Mendeleev, the German physicist Carl Gauss discovered the law in sleep induction.

A Danish scientist Niels Bohr, the founder of modern physics, in a dream I saw a model of the atom. Albert Einstein during a dream to establish a relationship of space and time. Austrian geneticist Mendel dream opened the laws of heredity. English microbiologist Fleming during sleep invented penicillin. Banker from San Francisco, Heinrich Schliemann, never thought about archeology, in a dream I saw the location of the legendary Troy, and later — Mycenae, Crete. This list of the world's discoveries is endless.

Seven of our minds that are in the main chakras, independent from the body, as the physical brain depends on the thoughts, and not vice versa. In the afternoon we operate primarily consciousness of the third chakra, called the mind. Inhaling chloroform, you can exit from the physical body, while maintaining rational consciousness in two or three of their bodies together. While in the astral worlds, one notices an increase in all of their abilities. It seems that everything lit translucent light, every object is lit from the inside, there is a feeling of happiness and eternity, a feeling of fullness of being. If the physical body is sick, there is healthy if the body of the old one, here it is in his prime. A characteristic feature is the absence of the astral body in its shape. But people think that it has arms, legs and clothes.

Because in the astral world to think — it is to be. Instantly thought of the subject takes the form of what he wants. However, people tend to identify with the situation of the physical world. Therefore, in the astral worlds he can reach out to incredible lengths to try and open the door, although he did not need no arms, no legs, no doors. It may represent an animal, which turns into a plant. All will happen. It can easily fly through walls and floor and see through all the items. In the astral think — is to act. Think of flying — and you fly. Think about the destination, a man — and you find yourself in this place and next to this man. Incidentally, the same thing happens in the physical world, but much more slowly as the material atoms are thousands of times more astral. Therefore, to push apart atoms are thought forms and quickly convert physical matter needs a huge concentration of thought. This accounts for all the phenomena of the saints and yogis, shamans and magicians.

Astral body can not drive the material things. Therefore, in the astral world can not meet their physical habits: drink, eat, smoke, shoot up and so on, as it is simply nothing to do. And people with addictions after death and suffer nervous because they can not satisfy their wanton desires. After the astral power of desire increases a thousandfold. Some of these depraved souls seek financial intermediary to meet the disgusting habits. They podselyayutsya physical bodies of people whose souls are young and weak, and can not provide decent resistance to the invaders. So weak in spirit become obsessed.

In volatile, emotional, mental and astral worlds people find themselves in different countries or in other distant planets. But the sudden withdrawal from the physical body, they remain near him.

Being on the subtle planes of existence, with full consciousness, people are remarkably indifferent to his dying body and the entire physical world. Actions of saving people's body or health for them, staring at it from two meters — boring theater. Only the suffering of those who truly love the dying, can soften his aloofness and get to come back to stiffening body.

Often thought of returning to the physical world becomes a very unpleasant person. Native physical body he sees scary, slippery and uncomfortable. It seems astral double creepy prison from which he was lucky to get away, but life on earth is — well, hell.

The failure in the mind of the traveler in the transition slim body and back into the physical change due to mechanisms that control the mental worlds of gross bodies.


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