Over three thousand people will struggle with spring floods in Primorye

Rescuers Primorye formed group for the prevention and elimination of consequences of high water — it includes more than three thousand people and more than 900 pieces of equipment, told RIA Novosti on Sunday, the regional representative of the central board of MOE.

According to him, the monitoring and prediction of floods by specialists MOE, Hydrometeorology, Water Management and RPN. To provide timely on the situation on the rivers of the region involved gauging Primgidrometa 61.

"The main work will be conducted in pavodkoopasnyh areas as well as the bridges on the rivers of Primorye Ussuri Arsenyevka, Big Ussurka, robin, Spassovka, mud and others," — said the source.

The representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations said that now being prepared for destruction ice floes on the river. The region has stockpiled material, technical and other resources, as well as food and medicine, there is a financial reserve of 8 million rubles — it is designed to prevent and eliminate associated with flood emergencies, said the representative of central board.

"In preparation for the spring floods in February in Primorye was staff training with the assistance of an interagency working group led by the Far Eastern regional center of Russian Emergencies Ministry. According to experts, all services are ready for floods," — he said.

As previously reported, the summer and autumn of 2012, which were rainy, and later the formation of ice on the rivers of Primorye can trigger high spring tide. From August to December last year, the amount of water in the rivers above the norm is three to five times, and the water levels were higher than historical averages and a half to three meters. Ice formation, as noted Primgidromet, began at the flooded bottomlands, a few days later, the most recent date. This situation on the rivers edge was detected for the first time the observation period — more than 100 years.

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