Pacific Fleet ships completed a role in anti-piracy mission

As told RIA "News" the official dealer of the Pacific Fleet Captain I rank Roman Martov, 6 Detachment Pacific Fleet ships returning from the Gulf of Aden on Sunday, will arrive in Vladivostok.

The second in a row detachment of Pacific Fleet ships in the tanker "Boris Butoma" huge anti-submarine ship "Admiral Panteleev" and salvage tug "Photios Wings" went August 29, 2011 from Vladivostok to the Indian Ocean. There, from October to early January 2012 a detachment accompanied convoys. From the 15th January 2012 in the role of anti-piracy mission took 7 Detachment Pacific Fleet led by the BOD "Admiral Tributs".

Source RIA "News" said that the Pacific Fleet in Vladivostok prepared celebratory meeting with the participation of the command of the fleet. On Preserving the Golden Horn Bay sailors will come to meet relatives and colleagues. Will play a brass band. According to maritime tradition, in honor of the far end of a successful campaign to commanders of ships will be awarded to three roasted pig.

5.5 months. while in the international forces 2nd squad spent on security corridor 6 convoys of merchant ships of different states, Roman Martov said. The command of the Russian Navy said that the Pacific Fleet coped with the task successfully.

"On the way to Aden bay and vorachivayas home, squad made visits to ports in Cambodia, Djibouti, Seychelles, Indonesia and the Philippines — said Martin. — During the battle watch in the Horn of Africa Pacific Fleet, together with a number of military sailors spent a few exercises for interaction, communication and maneuvering. "

The official dealer of the Pacific Fleet said that in the current time in operation in the Gulf of Aden participates for the seventh group of ships in the Pacific Fleet BOD "Admiral Tributs" tanker "Pechenga" and maritime rescue tug "MB-37". Tenth December 2011 this squad under the command of Captain First Rank Ildar Akhmerova headed from Vladivostok in the Indian Ocean. In squad also includes marine units and two helicopters carrier-based aircraft. Their crews conduct aerial reconnaissance to identify pirate vessels.

Martov said that in the Gulf of Aden bay "Squad came on January 12, and in 3 day or formed the first international caravan and led him down the corridor towards the safety of the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait. On this day squad spent 4 caravan trade foreign courts and proceeded to the formation of the fifth. "

During his role in an international naval mission in the Gulf of Aden Pacific Fleet held in caravans only 30 of more than 100 merchant ships.

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