Pacific Fleet ships for the first time will accept the role in the teaching of Rimpak-2012

Pacific Fleet ships for the first time perceive role in large-scale international exercises "Rimpak 2012."

In June of Southern Primorye in the direction of Hawaii will troop ships in the BOD "Admiral Panteleev" tanker "Boris Butoma" and ocean lifeguard "Photios Krylov."

According to the plan of the organizers, in the process of learning will work out the interaction Navy foreign countries on a wide range of issues of international naval cooperation.

Exercise "Rimpak" held since 1971. Frequency — every two years. The first such ships involved teaching the U.S., Canada and Australia.

Today teaching will be the 23 th in a row. Now it will accept role 45 ships from 22 countries of the world.

Earlier in similar exercises were present only observers from the Russian Pacific Fleet. This year, their decision to participate in the program Pacific Fleet "Rimpak 2012."

The active phase of the exercise will take place in the Pacific Ocean from July 11 to August 2.

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