Pacific Fleet ships have graduated from a visit to Vietnam and headed for the sea Yellowish

RIA announcements. Squad Pacific Fleet (PF) led by a huge anti-submarine ship (BPK) "Admiral Tributs" on Wednesday graduated visit in Vietnamese Ho Chi Minh City port and headed for the sea Yellowish where apprehend role in Russian-Chinese exercises "Sea interaction-2012," the official told RIA Announcements dealer PF Captain First Rank Roman Martov.

The seventh squad Pacific Fleet in the BOD "Admiral Tributs" tanker "Pechenga" and sea rescue tug "MB-37" went into the Indian Ocean from Vladivostok December 10, 2011. Since mid-January 2012, he accompanied the caravan for State Courts, and on March 26 he graduated from the goal. On the way home squad ships went on a business trip in Vietnamese port of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh). Pacific Fleet will replace BOD "Vice-Admiral Kulakov", accompanied by the Northern Fleet vessels.

"As part of a six-day visit to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Pacific Fleet sailors met with representatives of the city authorities, the diplomatic corps of, the Vietnam People's Army commander, did a lot of sightseeing, also met with their Vietnamese employees in a volleyball match," — said Martin.

Also Bintsyong sailors visited the province, where a monument on a mass grave was given honors fallen Russian sailors from the cruiser "Diana" who took part in sea battles Russian-Japanese war of 1904-1905.

"On Wednesday, during the second half of the day or in Ho Chi Minh accomplished farewell ceremony. After that, the Pacific Fleet ships going down the bed of the Saigon River in the Mekong Delta, and went to the South China Sea," — said the official.

Russian ships headed to sea Yellowish. The following week they will merge it with another detachment, which will come out of South Primorye, for a role in oboestoronnih Russian-Chinese exercises "Sea interaction-2012."

Large-scale exercises will be held from 22 to 29 April in the waters of yellowish sea. In total, they perceive the role in more than 20 ships and support vessels of Russia and China.

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