Part of the road Tent-Kullu-Neksikan in Kolyma closed due to rain

Experts decided to close Monday at Kolyma highway segment Tent-Kullu-Neksikan, blurred by rain, constantly reaching here on Friday, told RIA Novosti the Regional State Unitary Enterprise street maintenance (OGUDEP) "Magadan".

"The most affected 336-km mark this important region of the road. This stretch of road is closed to all forms of transport. Scour very serious: left coast tributary creek Itrigan. Now headed to the site maintenance crews," — told the agency.

According to him, the restoration of paintings take more than one day, a situation complicated by the continuing rain.

Representative GUMCHS Russia's Magadan region told RIA Novosti that almost monthly rainfall fell in Kolyma on Friday with the arrival of a tropical cyclone in the region of the southern latitudes of the Pacific.

"On Saturday and Sunday, the rain continued to walk, but less intense. Rescuers appealed to the residents of Magadan, Ola and Hasynskogo area with a warning about a possible withdrawal of the banks of the rivers and the occurrence of floods. They recommended that all those who live in pavodkoopasnyh places to stock up on food, medicine and prepare life jackets and boats, "- said the official.

According to RIA Novosti Head of weather forecasting meteorologist for the Magadan region Zavadko Faith, it is projected that the rains will come to Kolyma for three to four days.

"Tropical cyclone came from Sakhalin to Kolyma, where he also was the cause of heavy rains," — said the agency interlocutor.

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