People-puzzle: killer picture of Ilya Repin

Back in the XV century by Cornelius Agrippa Netteskheymsky said: "Beware of the brush of the painter — his portrait can be more alive than the original." Hardly anyone would argue that Ilya Repin (1844-1930) — one of the greatest Russian painters. But — strange thing: many who have had the honor to be his sitters, soon died …

Among the "victims" of the artist were Mussorgsky Pisemsky, Pies, Italian actor Mercy d'Argenteau. Barely took the portrait painter Fyodor Tyutchev, he also died … However, in all cases of death had some objective reasons, but that's a coincidence … even burly men, Repin pose for the paintings "Barge Haulers on the Volga", say, prematurely gave up the ghost …

The most horrible story is the same with the picture of "Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan November 16, 1581", which today is better known as "Ivan the Terrible kills his son." Even people with a balanced view of the canvas is not alone: too realistic murder scene was written, there was too much blood on the canvas, which seemed real …

When the painting was exhibited in the Tretyakov Gallery, it was a strange impression on visitors. Some wept before the picture, others fell into a stupor, with third befall hysterical fits. A young painter Abram Balashov January 16, 1913 cut canvas with a knife … He was sent to a mental hospital, where he died. Managed to restore the fabric.

It is known that Repin think twice before you take a picture of Ivan the Terrible. And for good reason. Artist Myasoedov, which was written with the image of the king, soon

in anger nearly killed his young son, whose name was Ivan, as the murdered prince. The image of the latter written with writer Vsevolod Garshina, who later went mad and committed suicide by throwing himself into a flight of stairs …

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By the way, the story itself that is synoubiytsey Ivan the Terrible, is just a myth. It is believed that Ivan the Terrible killing his son in a fit of rage in the head with his staff. Causes of different researchers are called different from domestic quarrels to political tensions. Meanwhile, none of the sources are not directly say that the prince and heir to the throne, was murdered by his own father!

So, in "Piskaryovskoye Chronicle" says: "12:00 noschi in summer 7090 November 17 day … Death of Prince John Ivanovich." Fourth Novgorod Chronicle reports: "The same (7090), the Prince John reposed Ioannovich Matins Sloboda …" The cause of death was not disclosed.

In the 60 years of the last century were uncovered graves of Ivan the Terrible and his son. Prince of the skull no damage characteristic of brain injury. Consequently, there was no synoubiystva? But where they took a legend about him?

There is a theory that its author is a Jesuit monk Possevino. The latter was sent to Moscow ambassador of the Pope. He invited the Orthodox Church under the authority of the Vatican's move, but did not meet with the support of the Russian tsar. Possevino, meanwhile, witnessed the family scandal. The Emperor was angry at his pregnant daughter-in-law, wife, son, Ivan, for "indecent kind" — do not forget to wear a belt, not just put on a shirt, then it was customary to wear four. Father-in-law began to beat the heat of the moment unhappy staff. The prince stood up for his wife: before that, his father had already sent to the monastery of his first two wives, who could not conceive of it, and John Jr. was afraid that it will lose, and the third, as my father would kill her. He rushed to the priest, who in a fit of riot hit stick and struck his temple to his son …

By the way, the exhumation in bone prince found the remains of poisons, which may indicate that John Jr. died of poisoning (in those days it was not uncommon), and not from a blow with a hard object!

However, the picture presented is Repin synoubiystva version. And presented with extraordinary verisimilitude, which inadvertently believe in what all actually happened. Hence, apparently, and "deadly" power.

Once Repin ordered huge monumental canvas "The ceremonial meeting of the State Council." The painting was completed by the end of 1903. And in 1905 came the first Russian Revolution, during which the fly's head painted by government officials. Some have lost their positions and titles, while others lost their lives at all. The Minister VK Plehve and Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich, the former governor-general of Moscow, were killed by terrorists.

In 1909, the artist commissioned by the Saratov City Council drew a portrait of Prime Minister Stolypin. As soon as he finished his work, as Stolypin was shot in Kiev.

Who knows — perhaps, not be so talented Ilya Repin, such tragic consequences might not happen …

Margarita Trinity

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